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2021 Spring-summer fashion : 10 must-have items

There is no need to get lost in the chaos of spring-summer 2021 fashion trends. In short: summer is shaping up to be very fun. For all the details on what to wear this season, here's a rundown of the fashion pieces to have.

Spring-summer 2021 fashion trends to adopt

Summer, we love it. The blue sky. Holidays. Blossoming trees. But also, the new fashion trends which come to break with the grayness of winter. And this season, spring-summer 2021 fashion is already shaping up to be perfect.

There are a few pieces from last year that will resurface this season: some great classics such as overalls or pantsuits which have become fashion essentials but also some novelties to spice up your summer.

Spring-summer 2021 fashion will bring together pop colors, mixtures of styles, fluid and light materials, long dresses, ruffles, wicker sneakers, floral prints ... escape is invited in our wardrobes.

The collections will also invite us on a journey through time. Summer fashion trends will be inspired by the 60s and 70s with babydoll dresses and high-waisted micro-shorts. And then, the 90s will once again be in the spotlight with an omnipresence of the sportswear style.

Must-have fashion pieces for summer 2021

In the mid-season jackets department, you will have to opt for the oversize blazer. You will find it in trendy prints, pop colors, or pastel tones. For the more classic style, you will find the timeless trench coat or the bomber in a metallic version. So many options that embellish the transition from winter to spring.

As for summer dresses in 2021, the ruffle dress will once again be a must-have. Just like But the real staple of the season will be the babydoll dress with its flared cut and puffed sleeves.

Trendy colors, materials, and prints for spring summer 2021 fashion

The colors of summer are soft, tangy, and light. There will be shades of beige and brown to bring us back to basics. There will also be pop shades for those who are not afraid to wear loud colors such as candy pink, which will be everywhere, metallic tones such as gold, silver, and copper.

For prints, it's the coronation of flowers. The Flower Power becomes our little pet for the spring 2021 fashion season. Big, mini, or tropical, they will monopolize our closets and give them freshness and color.

The striped print, which has become more discreet in recent years, is making a strong comeback this summer on accessories, jackets, pants, dresses ... Denim will also be worn as a total look, with trendy bobs, well-cut jackets, and jeans, like a sweet homage to the 90s.

Now that you are up to date on the summer fashion trends, scroll through the selections below to fully immerse yourself in them!

The high-waisted mini-shorts



The candy pink trend



The flower print



Get your floral piece here

The total denim look






The baby blue



Get your baby blue skirt here


Metallic style

kayleighjcouture micahgianneli


The babydoll dress



The bralette






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