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5 Fashion Trends that you need to follow this Summer <3

1) Jogger pants If you are also bored with wearing jeans, joggers are going to rescue you. This is one of the biggest trends of the season but you need to style them in order to look chic. Otherwise, you may seem like you are wearing your pajamas! Proportions are the key factors for a stylish jogger look. Since they are cozy and wide you need to combine them with tight tees are crop tops. To finish your outfit you should wear chunky high sole sneakers. If you follow these key points you will look taller and at the same time, you are going to be in your most comfortable clothes ;)

2) Bucket Hats

One of the iconic items of the '90s was the bucket hats. In these years they were a mainstay of rappers and for most of the people they would never be a fashion trend. But you can never know what is going to be the new trend when it comes to fashion!

Prada, Chanel, Burberry, and many other leading designers used the bucket hats in their runways with many different outfits. This season you can wear your bucket hat even with your suits! They create an amazing twist on the outfits.

Don`t be afraid to try!

3) Oversized Victorian Sleeves

Every fashion addict knows that trends have a flow, they come and go. But if you wait for enough your old clothes will be stylish again one day. But this trend requires time traveling! Back in the 18th century these sleeves designed to make your breasts look bigger and your waist smaller. Who doesn`t want that, right? Oversized sleeves were also one of the top trends in the 1980s (whatever is extra it is definitely ‘80s). You can add these ballooned shaped sleeves to any outfit and it will surely make you look more feminine.

4) Crochet Trend

Crochet is definitely one of the most hyped trends of this season. It was mostly used in the ‘70s by hippies, now in 2020 designers are using crochet patterns not only in clothes but also in bags, scarves and many other things.

But you should keep that in mind, you don`t wanna seem like you are wearing your ‘grandmother`s crochets’.

This phrase is even in the fashion jargon recently! The tip is to combine the crochet with the right accessory. Gold necklaces and earrings will give you a Coachella look and you will shine with your new style.

5) Neon Fashion

Neon is highly used in streetwear for a few years. It creates a great festival look when you combine it only with black. Recently designers also gave a place to neon, but most of them make the whole look neon. If you are crawing for attention this is the trend that you must follow!

Make a whole neon look, you can mix colors or choose only one. All up to you  Be confident about this trend, it will make you shine!

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