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Athleisure Leggings: Comfy is the new trendy

The story between fashion and sport is not new. Coco Chanel was already using a cotton jersey, drawing inspiration from the outfits of her lover Boy Capel, a polo player.

Sport has therefore always caught the eye of designers, but what started out as a simple influence is fast becoming a trend on its own. This trend, called "athleisure", a contraction of the English words "athlete" and "leisure", has recently become so popular that the word athleisure has even entered the dictionary. The decryption of a phenomenon that rhymes performance with trend.

Athleisure is the cross between streetwear and gym wear. Translation: fashion pieces inspired by the sporting universe that can be worn before, during, and after sport. Gone are the shapeless jogging bottoms that you rushed to take off after your workout, now sneakers, leggings, and sports bras are coming out of the gyms to show off proudly in the streets. Sportswear is now as stylish as the rest of the wardrobe which is gaining more and more enthusiasts.

The legging is undoubtedly one of the star pieces of the athleisure trend. Long reserved for athletes, it is now worn by all generations, in all social circles, and in daily life.

Adopted well beyond fitness clubs, with different colors, patterns, and designs, athleisure leggings are now a real fashion phenomenon and an essential piece of fashionistas' wardrobe.

Currently, with pandemic restrictions, and due to mostly working from home or just always being on the go, comfortable is the new trend. Athleisure leggings are perfect for today's lifestyle.

Therefore, we gathered for you fashionable Instagram looks to inspire your daily outfits.

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