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Autumn Adeigbo - "More Is More"

Autumn Adeigbo has just released her Fall 2021 Ready to Wear Collection and it is nothing short of spectacular. Her use of bold, bright, and unique colors and pattern mixtures makes her a front runner to becoming one of the top fashion designers.

As a recent addition to the fashion industry, launching her brand in 2016, Adeigbo has made a huge impact in the industry by becoming the first black woman designer to raise more than $1 Million in venture capital for a fashion brand. Since her launch, Adeigbo has made her company's focus on her customers, as opposed to the press and media attention. She put most of her time into getting to know her fans and establishing fair-trade supply chains. She also joined a network comprised completely of women entrepreneurs looking to grow their companies.

Her motto is to make a difference in the world, not just make money. She draws her inspiration from her African heritage and uses African motifs with vintage silhouettes as well as the use of eco-friendly fabrics in her work. She began her journey by donating a percentage of her earnings to women in Africa. That has since led to working with African women and paying them for the production of items. But her efforts don't stop there. She also invests in women-owned product facilities worldwide and donates a portion of all sales to Project Glimmer, an organization that helps youth women in the US foster care system.

Adeigbo aims to make fashion fun and light-hearted, which is clearly seen in her new Fall Collection. The collection features dresses and two-piece sets with eye-catching and daring print combinations and colors. As well as in the details including handbags, headbands, and bold print shoes. The designs make a statement, and that's exactly what Adeibgo was hoping for.

"I want the women who wear my clothes to be not only chic - but joyful too."

-Autumn Adeigbo

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