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Trendblog Style: Competition Edition

Here at Trendblog, we love sharing outfit ideas and style suggestions. As the latest fashion community, we encourage everyone to participate and share their unique style. This month we are running a competition to win a pair of sneakers of your choice. In need of fresh kicks? Join the competition! You can find more information by clicking on this link.

Below you can find our favorite submissions so far!

Nath a.ka. @nathalieejw

How to spend a perfect spring afternoon? Easy!

Step 1: Put on your favorite sunny daze outfits. Jeans shorts look good on everyone and so easy to style. Here Natalie is styling them with a bright orange top and a pair of black Docs. Ready to go?

Step 2: Grab your best friend.

Step 3: Get some pizza with your favorite toppings (hot salami, anyone?)

Step 4: Go out and enjoy your day!

Jade Knight a.k.a @jade.knightx

You don't need layers of clothes, stacks of jewelry or accessories galore to create a strong look. Sometimes less is more. Pair your blue denim pants with a black top. Make your look pop by choosing a top with an accent or strappy details as Jade is doing here.

Becca a.k.a beccaclx

Rules are made to be broken. This also applies in Fashion. Who said that a lacy body can only be worn in the boudoir? Not us! Get creative and wear what you want, whenever and wherever you want.

Kelly a.k.a @kellydukex

These sneakers are what dreams are made of: so simple, yet so comfy, and stylish! Wear them with your casual t-shirt and jeans fits for the ultimate laid-back look. Pair them up with a light floral dress for a fun quirky look. Honestly, the options are endless!

Adeliya a.k.a @adelia_946

We love a fierce queen! Little black dress (LBD) and camel-colored coats are wardrobe staples. By combining the look with a pair of sleek black heels and chili red lipstick, it elevates the whole look. Who's ready to run the world?

Do you think you got what it takes to top these looks? Snap a pic of your outfits and join the fashion community! Download the app and get a chance to win a pair of sneakers by joining our competition!

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