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The benefits of using Trendblog as a Brand!

In this article we will cover the advantages of using Trendblog as Brand to promote products to the Trendblog community. In case you never heard of Trendblog: Trendblog is a Fashion-Network (App) where people from all around the world showcase their Outfits, Styles and looks in order to form future Fashion-Trends together. People vote on each others styles and we locally show the hottest trends based on the democratic voting of our global community. For a deeper understanding, check the Website or get the App.

Now for the Brands:

To give you a general idea, you can always check the B2B-Overview on our website under. This is where you will find screenshots that show how fashion-advertisements are placed on the Trendblog App, such as this:

First and most forward;

Your products will only be placed in categories selected by yourself in order to create the perfect customer fit. We ensure that only really interested Trendsetters and fashion interested people will be confronted with it.

How? Trendblog is build in a categorised way, where users select themselves what niches they are interested in, and also where the share styles whenever they upload a new outfit.

This, Brands can use by simply adding a promotion in the category that they believe to be most fitting for their target group.

Of course this can vary from product to product.

Every product you can target individually to our community.

What other things can you target ?

Location; You can decide, where you run your advertisement. We operate two servers right now, one is Europe, where we have most user, several thousand Trendsetters. And the other is North America (Worldwide), which is a little less developed with a few hundred daily active users.

Age group; Select the ideal age of your potential customers. Additional information is that around 80% of our user base are between the ages of 15-25. This is similar on both servers.

Gender; Naturally, you can decide whether you want to promote the product to female fashion fans or male fashion fans as the fit and style might differ between genders.

Why would I use Trendblog ?

Simple, Trendblog is a Fashion only network for Trendsetters from all around the world. Our active user base truly cares about Styles, Outfits and the newest trends so they are more likely to engage with a new Brand that they find here as opposed to regular Social-Networks where they are overloaded with advertisement. Additionally, as we are a growing community we do not have many Brands running promotions on Trendblog as of now. Give it a shot, and be amongst the first to showcase your products to a selected range of Trendsetters from around the globe. 🌎

What does it cost ?

Generally, we offer promotional packages where all Impressions are for free and you only pay for successful redirects to your web shop. This allows for easy calculations to ensure that you get maximum value out of Trendblog. More Information here. Example: Your Fashion-Store converts on 2%, with an average basket size of 100€.

This means, that you generate 200€ on 100 Visitors. Through Trendblog, you can get 1000 quality redirects to your website for as little as 0.40€ per forward. In this example that leaves you with 1600€ of Cash-Flows.

Or...Brand Membership ?

There is a small extra that we offer currently. You can join Trendblog with a membership, which allows you to constantly promote with a direct link to your web shop throughout our platform, for only 29.99... Sounds fair ? More on this here: Limited offer!

Real genuine shopping interest from our community. Why ?

Again, Impressions are free.

A click on a product is highlighted clearly as "purchase" which ensures that we only produce genuine redirects with the intend to purchase.

Give it a try and showcase your products to thousands of Trendsetter around the world. Only pay for successful redirects !

For further questions, reach out to us: info@trendblog.app

No more questions? -> JOIN NOW AS A BRAND

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