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Competition Edition: How to look Fashionable on Christmas

So today the blog post will be a bit different, we are announcing the Christmas Competition and because it's Christmas the 10 best-rated Styles will have a prize!! You can upload as many looks as you want on your Trendblog profile showing your Christmas Outfits.

The prizes are:

1st 20€ ASOS gift card + an Exclusive Trendblog Magazine

2nd 15€ ASOS gift card + an Exclusive Trendblog Magazine

3rd 10€ ASOS gift card + an Exclusive Trendblog Magazine

4-10 an Exclusive Trendblog Magazine

And to help you I brought some inspirations of fashionable looks for Christmas, are you prepared to show your best Style on Trendblog.app? Can't wait to see which inspirations you will choose to create your look!


This is a category for anyone who wants to be extra glamorous after all Christmas is not everyday!!

Casual Chic

Maybe an Extra glam look is not for you but you still want to be chic! How about these looks?

Total Casual

Comfortable but still fashionable? Total Casual is the perfect match for your style (you can always spice up with an "ugly sweater")

PJ time!!

Christmas for you is all about chilling with your loved ones or even in a vibe of "Home Alone" in your PJ set? No problem I have some inspiration for you too!

I hope I have inspired you! I can't wait to see which of these styles you are going for to have fun and be a part of the Holiday season with us by uploading your best look on Trendblo.app!

You don't have it? No problem! Here is the link so you can be a part of the Trendblog community!

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