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Core Aesthetics: The perfect Academia wardrobe

Bring some elegance and romance into your study and work life with Academia inspired fashion!

First of all, how do we define the Academia aesthetic, and where does it originate from? Its core concept is made up from British boarding school aesthetics, as well as Roman and Greek art and architecture. It represents and visualizes curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the enjoyment of classical music, literature, and poetry.

The most basic fashion staples of the Classic Academia aesthetics include pleated skirts, dress pants, blazers, sweaters, and sweater vests.

Light Academia

...focuses on enjoying the little things in life including social interaction and the outdoors. Recurring motives are classical, renaissance architecture, and art which makes the aesthetics conceptually very Eurocentric. The fashion is dominated by lighter colors such as beige, light brown, and creme. Must-have items include the cable knit sweater or sweater vest, corduroy jackets, trenchcoats, and footwear such as loafers aand Mary Janes.

Dark Academia

...forms the emotional opposite of Light Academia. It takes inspiration from old wooden libraries and academic instruments which celebrates knowledge and self-discovery. Darker color palettes and the incorporation of gothic elements characterize the fashion. The key pieces include black turtlenecks, oxford shoes, and tweed suits.

Romantic Academia

Puts a soft and romantic spin on the classic academia aesthetics. Just like Light Academia, it focuses on the outdoors and light color palettes. However, the visuals are a lot more dreamy and warm toned. Romantic Academia fashion works with a lot of traditionally more elegant and feminine fabrics such as lace, silk, and satin. Wardrobe essentials would be frilly blouses and dresses, silky hair bows, camisoles, and corsets.

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