• Fatima Ezahra

Dare color in winter!

Winter is often synonymous with greyness and a total black look. This season, we are shaking up the codes: color has its place in your wardrobe!

In small touches or in total look, wearing color in winter is trendy. We will show you how to adopt the colorful look in winter.

The winter uniform, we all know it: a black outfit from head to toe and a plaid scarf around the neck.

Good news for all those who are cold, you can stay warm while being stylish. We inject some color ... let's go!

Rest assured, it is possible to incorporate color into your looks without necessarily looking like a human rainbow.

The trendy color of the season? The purple. We adopt it with eyes closed in all its shades. We wear it over a strong piece like a coat or pants and we stay sober for the rest of the outfit with gray, white, or navy blue.

To stay warm and stylish at the same time, we fall for a soft-priced powder pink cashmere sweater, worn with mom jeans and white ankle boots, a must-have this winter!

Another big trend: red. On coats, sweaters, or vinyl pants, red is your best friend this season. We love the red vinyl skirt worn with a bohemian white blouse and biker boots on the feet.

The more daring will dare the total colorful look. The key? know how to associate colors. The combination that we see everywhere and that works wonderfully: powder pink and poppy red. In theory, we love it, in practice, it's even better. We opt for a long oversized purple coat. At the top, stay basic with a gray wool sweater and slip white sneakers on your feet.

Also adopt the monochrome option with a total green, red or blue look by playing with the different shades of color.

Wear colorful accessories in winter:

Accessories have the power to enhance and boost an overly classic outfit. With small touches, nothing better than colorful accessories to jump into the water without taking any risks.

We opt for a pair of red moccasins, a yellow bag, a purple scarf ... the possibilities are endless! We avoid associating the color of shoes with the color of the outfit, a little too school. We allow ourselves two different colors of accessories per look so as not to go overboard.

Swap the black leather boots that you never leave in winter for ankle boots with red heels, THE big trend of the season. With pointed or rounded toes, block or thin heels, patent or suede look, red ankle boots are the must-have for winter. Worn with a basic outfit, jeans, and a white t-shirt, they are your best fashion asset.

The newsboy cap is on everyone's mind right now. The opportunity to decline the classic black model in a colorful model. Khaki, blue, or even powder pink, you can wear the newsboy cap in a thousand and one ways!

By small touches or in total look, the color is just waiting to be invited into your dressing room, it's up to you!

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