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fashion insight with Anna Shearer: the key to elegance is comfort

Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to our "Star-struck" fashionista of the moment.

She seduced us with her amazing sense of style, elegance, and spontaneity. Therefore, we rushed to interview her to find out more about the mystery of this incredibly stylish woman away from the camera.

Let's discover together her valuable vision and fashion insight.

Anna Shearer in 3 words: Spontaneous, Hardworking, Stylish

What fascinates you about fashion?

Fashion is like a language, some people speak the same language some people don’t. I love that I am able to express my style and creativity through fashion. Piecing items together and searching for inspiration is the most fun part of creating an outfit.

Who is your style icon?

Oh wow! I have so many! I love Hayley Bieber's style, everything she wears, I need! I also follow a lot of bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis, I love @chloelloyd @lornaluxe, and @tialinekers style.

What is your fashion motto?

Comfort is key, it will also help you be your most authentic self and be comfortable in your own skin when attending events and meeting people.

What is Anna's go-to outfit?

It would have to be a classic black blazer, some gold Missoma jewelry, blue acid wash jeans, lace crop, and a pair of dainty heels.

What is the fashion item you cannot leave your house without?

Sunglasses, I currently have a pair of Prada cat-eye sunnies, and they do not leave my face all day!

If you had one piece of fashion advice to share with the world what would it be?

Like my grandmother would always say..."Always leave the house like you’re meeting your future husband", or in other words, every day is an occasion to dress like the best version of yourself.

What inspired you to start your social media journey?

I studied fashion at The Fashion Retail Academy in Central London, and we were always encouraged to start a blog because this would help us get a job, so I did….funnily enough they were right because since then I have done internships at Karen Millen, Topshop and Kurt Gieger and then moved onto working at ASOS and Urban Outfitters as a buyers assistant.

What can you tell us about being a content creator in 2021?

Being a creator in 2021 to me is all about adding value to people's lives…whether it's inspiring people on what to wear, which skincare to use, or which place to travel to next. I love creating valuable content that is useful to people. Covid-19 has made us concentrate more closely on the content that we consume, what is considered healthy content and what is not. Personally, I’ve unfollowed hundreds of accounts in the last year that didn’t serve me anymore and didn’t make me feel good.

What do you think about Trendblog's concept of democratic fashion?

I love this concept and I truly believe this is the direction that social media should be headed towards, even my mom could definitely influence people based on what she wears despite her 20 followers! Influencing someone can occur regardless of your follower count and sadly, people sometimes focus too much on the numbers rather than the offering.

In your opinion, how do you think the implementation of this concept would affect fashion in the future?

I think it will only encourage everyone to be a bit more influential in a good way. It will allow people to be more open to diversity and creative fashion. The days of conventionality are long gone! It’s time to embrace creativity and share it with the world.

We hope you enjoyed this wonderful interview as much as we did. It was delightful to get to know her, she charmed us even more with her kindness, humility, and willingness to share her valuable knowledge with the fashion enthusiasts community. Check out more of her stunning outfits here.

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