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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!

It is certainly not surprising that this summer, the trend is floral prints!

The floral pattern has been a fashion staple for several seasons now! After having seduced the sphere of bloggers and trendy stores, it is now found everywhere! The flower-power is in!


Why give in to the call of flowers?

It is the best mood booster for your closet! Wear them on denim, dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, suits, shirts, or even accessories such as scarves, ties, bows, shoes, bags...

Timeless, the floral print works perfectly in all colors and materials!

The bonus of the floral print?

If it goes with everything, it works with all styles too: boho-chic, rock and roll vibe, casual-chic, streetstyle, or even classy. Florals are available for every taste!



How to wear floral print?

For a soft version, you can start with small touches, with a printed skirt or flower embroidery on jeans. If you are more daring, opt for a total look: flowers from head to toe, fresh look guaranteed!

In that sense, floral dresses, skirts, blazers, tops, dad shirts, or even swimsuits are must-haves. You need to own at least two key pieces from the list that you can wear in different ways.

If you are not that brave, get started with the floral pattern step by step. Start with a few accessories, a piece of jewelry, a clutch, a pair of shoes… Once you are comfortable, go for lace flower pieces for a more boho-chic and romantic vibe.



If you want to go for a more subtle touch, the floral underwear has also the most beautiful and elegant effect under a white shirt or a see-through organza top.

One more tip: floral prints tend to give the illusion of adding more volume. Make sure to play with it according to your figure.


Floral print for men? Yes!

Yes gentlemen, you too can rock florals! In fact, you will find beautiful flower items in all your favorite stores! But beware of the misstep that can happen easily.

Consider opting for simple looks that combine whimsy and casualness. Pair a floral shirt with chinos for a casual style with a chic twist or with denim for a more fresh everyday look.

For the more adventurous, you can opt for the floral suit in linen or cotton for a summery style and an astonishing allure!


Think about the details!

You don't feel comfortable wearing the floral shirt? Think about the accessories. Hundreds of options are available in ties, shoes, bow ties, pocket squares, and even handkerchiefs. The little details make all the difference!

Are you ready to adopt the floral movement?

We would love to see your favorite floral look on your Trendblog profile. You don't have any? Check out our selection to spice up your wardrobe!

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