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Go for sparkle and sequins:it's your time to shine

As the seasons of good times and vacation approaches, how about some glitter and sequin to be sure to shine in society for the right reasons!

Ultra glamorous and festive when you know how to wear them, yet they can be the opposite of chic if worn the wrong way ... Here are some simple tips to be on top of your sparkle game!

lilymaymac sincerelyjules

Rule n° 1: avoid THE fashion faux pas

If there is one essential rule to avoid, it is to put together a look all in glitter or sequins from head to toe. Disco ball effect guaranteed! You don't want to layer sequins on top of sequins or glitter, it's an extremely difficult fashion exercise reserved for the podium. Also, it is not easy to wear in the city anyway, even for an evening outing. It is best to play the safety card with a beautiful material carefully chosen because glitter and sequin do not look good if the quality is off.

sincerelyjules miamiamine

Rule n° 2: Choose the sequins according to your figure

Before you even fall for a sequin dress or a sparkling garment, learn how to choose it according to your body type. You will surely have already noticed, ornate materials tend to give the illusion of more volume. To overcome this unwanted effect, you just need to make clever choices.

If you have generous hips, wear the material on your upper body such as a top or a jacket for example. If you have a V-silhouette, on the other hand, opt for a sequined skirt or pants to rebalance the silhouette. If you have an hourglass figure, an X or 8 silhouette, you can go for any option.


Rule n° 3: Choose your favorite piece

We love them, especially in the evening or during the holidays, but not everyone is made to wear sequins: only dare if you can handle it! Once this first consideration is done, know that you have two options: either you want to adopt a daring look that puts you in the spotlight, or you prefer to play it discreetly with a garment with sparkly details. In any case, now that you are warned not to stock up on glitter, you need to select a so-called "strong" piece for your look. It is precisely this piece that will feature the pretty sequins.

mstreinta chante.simpson iamgadriana

For a daring look

Compose your outfit around a statement piece like a sequin dress or a jacket, a must-have for evening outings. But it is also possible for you to fall for a skirt, a top, pants or even shorts. For the rest of the look, you don't have to overdo it, on the contrary, focus on sobriety on the accessory side, which must be elegant and dainty to highlight the centerpiece of your outfit.

Don't hesitate to tone down the outfit with sober colors and remember "less is more".

Remain cautious by focusing above all on timeless black, particularly festive gold, silver colors, deep red, intense blue, or even dark green.

Special mention for black, which is easily paired with colored accessories or sparkly pieces to energize the whole outfit.


For a touch of glitter

If you don't see yourself being the center of attention, then go for the details!

When it comes to sequins and glitter, nothing could be more chic than a blouse or top with a jeweled collar, a pretty belt, or a cleverly decorated clutch bag.

Socks, pantyhose, and sweaters have their share of festive attitude with their subtle shine.

We also love SHOES in all their forms: derbies, pumps, and even sneakers, there is plenty to choose from!

miamiamine miamiamine

The right associations

In chic & glamorous fashion, we focus on classic cuts and wardrobe essentials that we mix with sequined and sparkly pieces. An ornate top worn with a blazer, for example, is always a good idea. The idea is to give that main shiny piece enough allure to be perfectly elegant. It can also have the most beautiful effect when paired with the basics of our wardrobe. A small sparkly top associated with your favorite jeans breaks the codes of the "party outfit" and still reflects perfection for a more affordable look.

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