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Harry Styles - A new Trendsetter

Starting out as the member at the center of One Direction, Harry Styles has now established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Next to his growing solo music career he is expanding his brand and presence in the fashion world. How did he become a Trendsetter?

We can see a big influence of a vintage 70's aesthetic in his actual look and the glamorous irreverence from Elton John creative and theatrical outfits and to make it easier to understand I will decode in 3 elements that make him a trendsetter:

We cannot deny that since he started on One Direction Harry was already giving us some signals that he would be a Trendsetter, from his hairstyle or the great small mix he used between different types of styles, but we are talking about the evolution from a teenager using casual and sporty clothes to a full grow-up man with confidence to use whatever he feels comfortable with, mixing suits, skirts, patterns and showing his creativity and personality through it looks.

Accessories are never enough:

Earring, Necklaces, Bracelets, Sunglasses, Hats, Suspenders , Nail Polish and Make-up, anything that can connect dots between styles are more than welcome on Harry Style looks.

Experiment and having fun are the two words to take in consideration, anything is a slight touch of attention to the details and they make difference!

The materials are diverse but all enrich the looks, some bring colour and texture and others construct a character and give a glamorous vibe.

Time Traveler:

Being a Trendsetter is also being a time traveler, through the clothes you can always revisit trends from other decades and for Harry Style this would not be different.

From the famous Grandpa Sweater, High waist trousers, plaid pattern, the colourful 70's look, Elton John inspirations are some of the elements you can see on his outfits composition.

Fun and statements pieces from the past mixed up with a futuristic nostalgia, everything with the a really fresh breeze from who can travel through time.

Open Minded:

Theres no limits for creativity neither for Harry Style, when you open your mind for new possibilities anything can inspire you and any type of piece of clothe is just a beginning for a new aesthetic, he knows exactly how to transit between genders, colours, textures, fabrics and styles.

For being an Artist he is not only dressing up he is creating a community sense, so every action he takes can enlighten new discussions and that's what he is doing all the time he appropriates from pieces common of knower as "Feminine" and turn into a new language.

Sensibility is present in his songs and looks, ruffles, embroidery, volume, pleats and structures commonly present in the feminine wardrobe bring poetry to his image.

Which of theses 3 elements is your favorite? Let your comment here and how about to share a look inspired by Harry Styles on your Trendblog profile?

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