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How to be a 90's Fashionista?

Is not new that the 90's are getting back everyday, from the past years the trends show us very strongly all the inspirations, so I listed here 10 pieces to help you to become a 90's Baby!

The golden era for fashion definitely was the 90's with the rising of many artists and pop culture figures just for a quick reference the most famous Sitcoms and Movies were Friends, Clueless, Sabrina- the Teenage Witch, 10 things I hate about you, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Matrix and Full House. So you can already imagine the references shown just by mentioning these series and movies.

Cargo pants

Loose-fitting casual slacks with large patch pockets on the thighs, the cargo pants were a hit during the 90's and they are back!

The perfect fit for those who want to have a casual but still fashionable, comfortable, and practical look.

They still have a classical combination with crop tops and sneakers that gives us a nostalgic feeling.

Pleated skirts

The most iconic piece of all times! is impossible to see a pleated skirt without thinking about the "Clueless" classical yellow set of plaid blazer and pleated skirt.

The piece adds a romantic tone to any look, that can be combined with sporty, classy and casual style.

Bike shorts

This trend has been on top for a while now, but still very used nowadays, adding a sporty tone to any look the bike shorts are perfect for those who like to feel comfortable and modern casual.

The new variation of use now is with pastel oversize shirts bringing a fresh, sophisticated, and stylish look.

Oversize blazers

An outstanding trend that for me was never left the top. Oversized blazers can be a key piece in your closet!

Perfect element if you're going for a layering style, in solo use or combined with other 90's references such as the bike shorts.

They create a classy but definitely not a boring look!

Slip dresses

Rachel from Friends would be proud of this trend, going from basic use of the piece to a complex layering look.

The slip dresses can be really easy to combine with your closet's standard clothes, you can mix textures, fabrics, and patterns to create a modern style.

For a sexy girly look, a black or white slip dress will be enough to compose your style.


This time the reference for this piece could be from any of the girls from Friends since Overalls are extremely democratic.

You can go from creative to a romantic style with this only piece, the composition is all that matters!

Here you can see the denim version, but other fabrics are welcomed to turn your look into something more playful.

High-waisted mom jeans

Democratic and simple, the High-waisted mom jeans are perfect for any season, body type, and style.

The shape of these jeans can make your silhouette slimmer and higher creating a waisted shape without creating more volume.


A trend descendent of Grunge culture the flannel shirts are back!

With a casual and rock tone, this piece is a great addition to any closet. They help with the layering and give a cool aesthetic with clean and minimal pieces.


Popularised by Coco Chanel Cardigans have gain space in 90's trends because of the use and reference from private schools, but nowadays they bring this fresh romantic look to your style.

The use is very democratic, you can use them solo or as a complement. The Crop version is the new crush of the season in pastel colors.

Platform sneakers

Closing this list with glory, the piece that could put every trend together definitely is the Platform sneakers.

They are so easy, and, during the 90's, it was kind of impossible to find a picture for this article without them.

Adding Spice Girls' feelings to your style without needing too much.

Which one of these pieces is your favorite? Have I forgotten your favorite? Leave your comments here and feel free to share a look inspired by one of them on your Trendblog profile!

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