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How to choose the right jeans?

How to choose your jeans? This is a question everyone is asking themselves.

Indeed, jeans are a flagship piece of our wardrobe, a must. Jeans go everywhere, it is a chameleon garment that adapts to all styles and even when you want to be an elegant woman. From casual to sophisticated, it offers endless possibilities. He also has this incredible power to be naturally stylish and sexy ... as long as you choose it! If chosen well, jeans indeed become our second skin and we love it! So how do you choose your jeans?

To find your ideal jeans, you have to take into account your morphology and know the little tips that will allow you to look amazing. It must indeed highlight your allure, pretty legs, and beautiful buttocks!

Which jeans for your legs?

You have long legs

Luckily, you can pull off anything. You will therefore mainly focus on the one that will give you the most beautiful buttocks. However, choose a fitted cut at the hips and thighs like cigarette or slim jeans, to showcase your legs.

Normal or low-rise jeans are also preferable to high-waisted jeans, which could give an impression of "giant" by accentuating the length of your legs and thus unbalancing the proportions of your figure. But, you could still love that tall model effect it gives you. So, it's up to you!

You have small legs

We will have to give the illusion of longer legs by an optical effect. The ideal thing is the boot cut or the flare (even more flared, "leg paw" style) which lengthens and refines the silhouette on the condition that it is worn with heels for a guaranteed beautiful leg effect. A high waist can participate effectively in this effect, but be careful if you have flat and low enough buttocks.

You can also wear slim or skinny (even tighter if you are rather petite), or a cigarette cut tightened above the ankle and wear them with pumps (without ankle strap) to create that visual illusion of gaining a few centimeters.

You have curvy thighs

Classic jeans with a straight cut is a good option because it harmonizes your silhouette and compliments your figure.

Bootcut and flare are also good choices as these cuts balance the thighs/knees/calves thanks to the flared cut at the bottom of the pants. As the thigh is adjusted and the calf concealed, the difference between the two disappears visually and the whole leg is thus more harmonious. But be careful, if the jeans are too tight at the knee, this could accentuate the curves so carefully observe what gives the overall harmony of the volumes before buying!

Also, leave it the right length to slim your legs. If you wear it too short, the effect will be the opposite of what you expect. And of course, there is always a little extra boost with heels to lengthen the leg and make it look elegant.

The slim is not excluded but you have to know how to associate it correctly with a rather loose top to play on the contrasts: the leg will appear slimmer.


Which jeans for which buttocks?

You have plump buttocks

You have the perfect butt to wear ALL jeans and even boyfriend jeans that require material at the back. However, do not choose a waist that is too low to avoid overflowing ... To be elegant, the line of the buttocks that protrudes is not an option! As well as the V of the thong which says hello to everyone like a "teenager in an identity crisis" ...

Choose rear pockets that are not too large and without flaps to not give your buttocks additional volume.

You have wide buttocks

The goal is not to widen the butt, so the ideal is straight-cut jeans that are basic but timeless! Your jeans should fit snugly on the sides, the slightest flutter would be a disadvantage. So choose a thick material to properly support your buttocks and tighten them rather than the other way around (but be careful not to choose them too tight, let yourself breathe!).

Make sure that the back pockets are rather close together, aka centered towards the central seam, this will reduce the width of your buttocks by creating an optical illusion. Also, don't forget to avoid low back pockets which would give a wide buttocks effect that you want to avoid.

You have flat buttocks

Pay attention to the play of seams on the rear: the design can be decisive and create the illusion of shapely buttocks just as it can accentuate the flat effect of your buttocks.

The low waist tends to make buttocks look small and round while the high waist amplifies the flat appearance of the buttocks and adds height which is not very flattering.

Furthermore, pockets that are too wide apart will amplify the flat appearance. So, we will opt for pockets that are sufficiently close together and with flaps (closed with a button is even better), to restore volume where it is lacking and thus reshape your butt.

Choosing the right jeans is the first step towards boosting your style!

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