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How to dress according to your body shape?

Body shape basically refers to your body shape and measurements. So, while measuring your bust, waist, and hips you can easily find your body shape. There is no 'best' or 'worst' body shape, every silhouette is perfect in its own way. But there are some mistakes that you could do while dressing since the human eye is naturally drawn to symmetrical things. So today I am going to talk about 4 different body types and how you can create your outfit while looking as much symmetrical as you can.

1) Apple body shape

For an apple body shape, above the hip`s is heavier and simple the weight is in the middle part. This body type needs to balance the waist-line to have a visual symmetry. Using waist belts or waist knotted dresses or blouses would be a perfect choice. Dark colors make you look skinnier, so using dark colors for the specific area that you want to look skinnier would be beneficial for you. Also, wide leg high waisted bottoms will make you skinnier and taller if you have an apple-shaped body.

2) Pear body shape

If you own a pear body shape, you ideally want to balance out your upper half since you are a little bit more bottom-heavy. Ruffles or patterns generally make an area looks bigger than it seems. So using these in your upper part and using relatively stretcher jeans or leggings would be wise to create a symmetrical proportion.

3) Straight body shape

For this body type, the issue is to look really flat like a rectangular shape. People who own this body shape tend to be tall, lean and the waist is not well-defined. The most critical issue is to make the waist look more visible and show the body with more curves. High waisted wide-leg jeans are perfect for this body figure and for the top, v neck is essential to show the flat bust without being too much sexy.

4) Hourglass body shape

The fashion industry designs all its clothes based on the so-called ideal body which is the hour-glass body shape. The phrase '90-60-90' is oldfashioned for the modern world. However, in the past, all women were using corsets to become in the figure as an hourglass body tyle. Hourglass body shaped people have strong curves with a visible waist-line. For this body shape, it is perfect to show these attractive curves. Wrap dresses, v-neck blouses, and pencil skirts are the key figures for this body type.

Every body type has its own beautiful and difficult sides. The most important thing is to know which body type is yours and dress accordingly. To summarize, if you want to use patterns, ruffles or, light colors, we would suggest you use them in the areas that have low-weights and, for the areas that you would like to look skinnier try dark colors and light fabrics. The most important thing is to keep your body look as much symmetrical as you can and with these tricks that we have given to you I am sure you are going to feel more comfortable and confident in your outfits.

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