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How to find your style?

"7 Universal Styles" to guide you thru your fashion path.

For some people get dressed is organic and uncomplicated, but for others it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful this usually happens when you can not recognise your style or It doesn't have a clear goal with your look.

Thinking about that I brought today the "7 Universal Styles", to help in your own analysis of style and the choice of which ones you want to incorporate to your life.

The 7 Universal Styles are TRADITIONAL, ELEGANT, FEMININE, ALLURING, SPORTY, CREATIVE and DRAMATIC, but before we start to talk about each of them here are some special tips I as a Personal Stylist give to my clients:

1st: You should have in mind that the comfort is really important, that's the only way you can feel confident and the clothes will only be a tool to light up your image.

2nd: Recognise yourself in one style it doesn't mean that you are obliged to stick in them for the rest of your life, always keep your mind open for changes.

3rd: Your clothes are the first impression, so you can hack the way people see you just by choosing the perfect look for the right circumstances.

So let's find out which of these Styles fits you better!

TRADITIONAL: Conservative and Businesslike

Focused in show a more mature and conservative image this is style is perfect for business purpose, important meetings and occasions.

Traditionally tailoring is the main shape in sober colors like black and brown and structural fabrics

For men the suit cannot be used without the tie and for woman the skirts not so short.

If you like this style you can always mix with other elements to give a more modern face.

ELEGANT: Refined and Stately

A Casual version of the Traditional Style the Elegant use elements of tailoring with a little bit more relaxed vibe.

With more freedom for colours, shapes and fabrics the eElegant Style is perfect for those who love a good design but doesn't have to be formal all the time.

A good tip to be more Elegant is to mix up fabrics with really well done fitting, also is a good choice for anyone who identifies itself as a minimalist fashionist.

FEMININE: Soft and Romantic

Flowers, dresses, princess sleeves and pastel colours can describe the main characteristics of a Feminine Style.

Inspired by peasant women the fitting is soft and romantic, a lot of elements from the nature are considered on the patterns and fabrics.

Is a Style that can have variations and we talked about one in our post "How to be a modern princess" you can check on more tips of how to look feminine there.

ALLURING: Sexy and Glamorous

Skin, Leather, Animal Print and Lingerie are the main elements for those who like Alluring Style.

The shapes are more fitted in the body shape,

leather to show all the forms, sequins for a glamorous touch and of course showing skin in all the parts possible.

It's really common to see artists with this style mainly those who work directly with the image, if I could nomine the perfect representatives artists with this Style would be the Kardashian/Jenner family.

SPORTY: Friendly and Casual

Comfy, relaxed and practical are the words who can easily explain the Sporty Style, basically is almost like from the gym to the street style, two themes that complement each other.

Sweatshirts, pants, tops, sneakers and T-shirts are the mainly pieces choose by who like this style.

Theres no restriction related to colour but definitely we are talking about comfortable shapes and fabrics.

CREATIVE: Original and Artistic

Creative minds always find a way to express your originality and in style this is really interested to see.

Mix of patterns, intense tones of colours, mix of textures and extreme love for art guide this type of style.

Is not unusual to see people who have this style using pop culture as reference. A really fun way to dress up and can show all your personality.

DRAMATIC: Fashionable and Sophisticated

A Dramatic Style is characteristic with a lot of extra details like, puff sleeves, fur, a exquisite shape or textures.

People who identify with this style show a great interest in fashion and usually are the Trendsetters of the moment

Anything that can turn your look unique is more than welcome!

Now that you can identify different Styles you always can mix up a bit of each to create amazing looks and I am more then excited to see the post on your Trendblog Profile.

You don't have it? no problem! here is the link so you can be part of the Trendblog community!

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