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How to nail the Red

Inspired by Holidays I came here today to help the red lovers to nail the look without look like Santa!! So let's start!!

Red can be a tricky colour for anyone but a good way to start is to discover the tone of red that benefits you and the only way to to figure out is trying! but I have some steps to start these path to add red in your life!

Start Small to go Big

The first step is to go adding the red on accessories and some specific pieces, it's a great step if you are still afraid to "look too much".

Belts, Necklaces, Hair accessories, Shoes and Coats... are the pieces you can use to give a slight touch of red in your life, have in mind to have at least one big piece or a variety of small ones to have a good start.

This is also the way you gonna figure out your perfect tone of red and start to get confident to add more pieces!


Once you discover your red you gonna realize how diverse and playful this colour and it's a common mistake and misunderstand think that the pure red is the only one red.

Some people feel more comfortable with a cold version of it (yes it's possible that red can be colder) or even a sober tone can turn your outfit in a total different purpose.


Floras, Lines, Plaid, Stripped or Polka Dots the red will always look fun on any of these patterns, a good option to look younger and Stylish.

Some people have a facility to compose patterns but if you are not one of these don't be worry one piece of time and take your time to find your style!

Color Block

Red is the one of the most easier colours to compose a color block look, but to keep it easier choose colours that are composed by red such as orange, pink and purple.

Color Block is a option for those who don't want to stick to only one colour and bring more personality to the look

Red on focus!!!

Last but not least a "total red" look is final step to nail the red, after getting so many tips you can already recognise your perfect red and stylish in so many ways that get everything in red is piece of cake!!

Choose different textures and fabrics to elevate the outfit and give dimension creating silhouettes.

Now that you don't need to be afraid to use red how about to share a new Look on your Trendblog.app Profile?

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