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How to wear leather pants?

It is trendy, it is sculpting, it is attractive. But leather pants are far from easy to wear. A short guide to approaching it with ease.

A key element of the feminine wardrobe, leather pants are in every streetstyle outfit this season. Shaped by rock and fetish culture, this daring piece either in a straight cut or ultra-tight, ultra-black, sometimes taking on the appearance of shiny leggings. These days, leather pants can be worn loose and morpho-friendly boyfriend jeans.

Another difference is that it comes more easily in colored hues, such as burgundy, yellow, and camel, although black is its favorite chrome.

How to wear leather pants?

The girls of Copenhagen get it right. Nothing like pastel to soften the rock look of leather pants. The goal? Dramatize this strong piece of the wardrobe by creating a contrast with soft nuances and casual accessories.

For a balanced outfit, pair your leather pants with a faux fur coat or a thin blue, pink, green, or lilac leather jacket.

Avoid multiple colors: the two-tone, chic, and minimalist look works wonderfully.

The black total-look is everywhere: on the catwalks but also in every streetstyle look of this season. Minimalist and naturally elegant, the monochrome black look appeals because it can be as chic as it is casual. During the day, it is easily adapted with an oversized jacket, a turtleneck, and pumps. Another option is to pair your pants with a long-sleeved bodysuit and leather ankle boots.

Some intrepid people like Rihanna dare to pair it with an oversized leather jacket: a risky operation if you don't put the right cuts and the right materials on the whole outfit. For an evening look, however, we don't hesitate to combine leather with chic prints, some sequins, or other fabrics such as organza, tulle, or lace.

The less daring will give up stylistic fantasies and wear the black leather pants with neutral colors such as gray, brown, beige, white, or camel. In terms of styling, the leather pants break free from underground codes and cheerfully flirt with bourgeois pieces like the lavallière blouse, making a striking contrast.

For a BCBG look, you can opt for a long camel wool coat, a well-cut white shirt, and black derbies. Another alternative, wear it with a cashmere sweater and a pair of black ankle boots for a subtly controlled look.

If you don't want black leather pants to be the centerpiece of your look, the animal print is proving to be the smartest choice. Leopard print, tiger print, zebra print ... all the patterns are graphic and sophisticated. Paired with black rangers and leather gloves, these bold prints will elevate your black pants in no time.

This season, the colored leather pants are seductive. Hardly approached by ordinary people, influential fashion designers make it an easy-to-wear everyday item, just like jeans, or even sweat pants.

If the colored leather pants harmonize admirably with the neutral pieces of our wardrobe, we can also play with the complementary colors on the other pieces of the outfit.

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