• Fatima Ezahra

Jewelry VS Covid-19

In order to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, each of us got a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel. But their composition, which is as effective as it is corrosive, represents a disaster for our jewelry. What is it really? Our habits have radically changed in a year. Whether it is the social distancing imposed by current health rules or the wearing of the mandatory mask that led us to give up makeup. We are also much more rigorous about hygiene thanks to more regular hand washing and sustained use of hydroalcoholic gel. We can also see at each entrance of stores a small pump to sanitize our hands. These abrasive products contain at least 60% of alcohol in order to eliminate in a minimum of time up to 100% of bacteria and viruses. Only here, our jewelry takes a hell of a hit with each use of hand sanitizer. So should we be careful of these gels for the good health of our jewelry?

Do not fall into jewelry paranoia. We do not want this to be a reason why some people deliberately forget to wash their hands regularly, but we have to protect our favorite pieces. Not all materials are affected by the danger of sanitizing gel.

The alcohol that is present in it does not attack metal jewelry, whether it's gold or silver, diamonds or other precious stones. On the other hand, other more fragile metals and stones can be more sensitive such as nacre or pearls. This is why we avoid spraying ourselves with perfume when we have a pearl necklace, for example.

There are also stones that will absorb these liquids like opal, coral ... And that can affect their shine and dry them out. As for plated jewelry, it is not proven how the sanitizer attacks it. Therefore, when in doubt, it is better to be careful.


There is no question of not spraying your hands with hydroalcoholic gel on the pretext that our jewelry is fragile. No! There are ways to protect these beloved accessories without compromising on hygiene. The best solution is to take off your jewelry every time or simply not to wear it before getting on public transport. But if you have touched the subway bar and you want to disinfect your hands with sanitizer, it is recommended to rinse your pieces afterward with water - only if they tolerate water of course - in order to remove the possible residues of alcohol. Even for jewelry made of metals and precious stones that are supposed to be immune to it, the gel can slip under the stones and make the jewelry dirty.


Like our clothes, jewelry is a surface that can trap bacteria and viruses. We wear them every day but rare are the occasions to wash them.

It is essential to clean your jewelry to not contaminate anyone and also to keep it shiny longer.

But how do you clean your jewelry?

The best way to wash them is with an ultrasonic washer if you have one at home. Otherwise, you can do it with a toothbrush, hot water, and a little dish soap because it doesn't leave any residue.

Be stylish but stay safe!

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