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Look fabulous in your faux fur coat

If real fur was long placed on a pedestal, those days are now over: no one can ignore the extinction of certain species and the cruelties inflicted on animals. It's simple, it has become "out of the game" and that is why the brands are now offering stunning pieces looking like the real ones to look fabulous with a clear conscience. If you have the opportunity to visit a vintage store, take a look at the coats and you will find that the cuts have changed a lot as well. Through this article, you will see the different color and association possibilities.


1) The colors

You quickly find yourself facing a flood of colors in the stores: red, blue, green, yellow… But a faux fur coat is above all elegant and dressy. If you choose it in a rather flashy color, you fall into the category: "trendy" and who says fashion says "will stay a season in the closet" which is why it is best to choose a coat that can be worn over the years. In addition, the harmony of colors is a real headache. Take for example a red coat, if you want to put on a colorful top and bottom you will limit the possibilities to avoid the clown effect.

Therefore, brown, black, camel, ecru, or gray are safe values. Why? Because these shades are closer to reality and imitate animal coats to perfection, while red or yellow look too "artificial".

The fur does not have to be plain, you can just as easily opt for a mixture such as a wool coat with a collar or cuffs in faux fur or even a leather jacket with faux fur details. On the other hand, powder pink is an exception, it is a refined and feminine color, standing out well in the "faux fur" category.


2) The different cuts

You have the option of going for light and modern cuts. You can choose two lengths: either the short one (which reaches the level of the hips) or the mid-length (10 cm maximum below the buttocks).

Do not choose a length down to the feet for this coat and also avoid models with hood. Even though faux fur is much cheaper than real ones, you have to accept a certain price to have a nice coat. Count no less than 80 euros for a pretty quality faux fur, without the "cheap" effect.

As you know, long cuts will "pack" the figure, so if you are short, it is better to opt for a short coat while if you are tall you can choose any length. Besides, the coat is worn rather loose.

Unlike most coats that you can belt, this is not recommended for this type.

Regarding the hairs, it is better to choose them short and they must give the sensation of a soft material. The long hairs give a too voluminous silhouette, age badly, and tend to get dirty more. The fur coat matches all silhouettes except the V (shoulders wider than the hips), as it will accentuate the build.


3) Associations

With pants:

The faux fur coat is quite chunky, so for balance, it is best to opt for a tight cut at the bottom like slim or cigarette in terms of pants or jeans.

This is the secret to a timeless piece, reinventing it over the years so that you can wear it all the time without the risk of appearing in disguise or clinging to an era that no longer exists. Do not hesitate to hijack the uses in order to break the codes!

For a casual look, you can easily wear it with jeans combined with sneakers, derbies, or even flat boots. Do not hesitate to add a wool hat to reinforce the relaxed style.

For a more evening-oriented look, you can add it over a jumpsuit, for example, or with cigarette pants combined with pumps. The suede calfskin goes perfectly with the faux fur. To complete your outfit you can very well add a hat or even a scarf that you will wear loose.


With a dress

You can combine it with a sheath or skater dress. Do not choose a long bohemian type dress with fur.

For a more daytime look, wear it with a sweater dress and flat ankle boots, heels, or even derbies. The folk or floral print dress is also an option. For an evening outfit, dare the dress with a slit on the side or with sequins and add pumps to complete the look. You can also add several fine gold or silver bracelets and a pouch. You will avoid clip-on earrings or earrings with stones because once again this may make your outfit fall into the "retro" category.


With a skirt or shorts

It pairs wonderfully with a skater, A-line, or sheath skirt. The same goes for shorts as long as they are not too short. On the other hand, do not choose a short skirt with this coat otherwise you risk easily falling into the "vulgar" category.

Note that leather can be worn very well with your synthetic coat. You can easily match it with ankle boots or sneakers. You want to opt for the mid-length coat with a skater or trapeze skirt. The short coat will go perfectly with your slim jeans.

Regarding the top: a coarse or fine mesh sweater, blouse, or even hoodie will go with it. Choose a piece that has a turtleneck or crew neck to rebalance the outfit.

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