• Meghan Miller

Michael Kors Celebrates 40 Years in Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Show

Right in the middle of the hustle, bustle, and bright lights of New York City’s infamous Theatre District, Michael Kors celebrated 40 years in the industry with his Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Show. As models strutted down 45th Street sporting a combination of leathers, furs, and glitter, viewers were treated to the wonders of the city as the backdrop. For 40 years, Kors has been a monumental influence in the New York City fashion scene. He first introduced his brand to the world in 1981 and throughout the years has embodied New York City and its culture in his designs.

This season's fashion show was dedicated to Broadway and the theatre industry, which has been hit particularly hard during the Coronavirus pandemic. The digital show opened with a message from some of the biggest stars from Broadway, asking viewers to help in supporting the Theatre industry through these difficult times.

Following the message, models paraded down 45th in vibrant red, nude, black, and white while the sound of Broadway classics boomed through the air. Each design, chic and elegant, perfectly summed up the last 40 years of Kors experience, as we took in the 63 stunning looks of the show.

The final walk was given by Naomi Campbell, as she showed off a stunning glittering black gown, the perfect attire for a night on Broadway. As Campbell rejoined the rest of the models in the theatre, applause broke out to congratulate Kors on a brilliant four decades of work.

Check out some of the other stunning designs from his collection below

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