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More reasons to go for all-black outfits

Chic, timeless, sophisticated, and versatile. Black is the color that a lot of fashionistas love. On dresses, pants, shoes, and handbags, this color has been able to slip with class and elegance into your wardrobe. Sober and glamorous, why switch to another color?

When shopping your goal is simple: find the dress or pants that will complement your large collection of monochrome clothing. No, you are neither gothic nor depressed. Black is just a fabulous color that suits you best and in which you finally feel yourself. We understand. All the excuses are good to adopt your favorite color

They say that people who wear black lead colorful lives. Therefore, we are planning on giving you more reasons to love your total black looks even more.


Reason 1: black is your mantra. Whether you're just very tired or simply running out of inspiration in front of your packed wardrobe, finding your outfit for the day becomes a real morning headache. No procrastination! Simply opt for your favorite black pieces. With black, zero fuss!

This color matches everything. You have two options: either you play the total black look card, or you opt for the sober jacket over mom jeans and a basic white T-shirt. This monochrome shade is thus a guarantee of efficiency, elegance, and above all speed.


Reason 2: black makes you look like a dream. Hips a little wide or thighs a little strong, black is a color that very often will slim your silhouette. One more reason to adopt it. And for the magic (but not black) to work, it is wise to pay special attention to the cut of the clothes you have chosen. If you have rather thick thighs, opt for pants with a straight cut. On the contrary, if you have more of a slim waist, pronounced hips, and a big bust, you can always go out for a fitted flared dress with a pretty neckline. You will look to die for!

Finally, play with materials, cotton will do the trick during the day, while satin will play better with its charms when it's dark. Chic and sophisticated effect guaranteed! Why change then?


Reason 3: day and night, you will shine in black! Stop filling your head with preconceived ideas. Black is not a color reserved for funerals. On the contrary, this color lends itself to all circumstances. If you get a rebellious soul when you wake up in the morning, you can always match your black look with the rock'n glam spirit of black skinny jeans and a perfecto-style leather jacket.

On the other hand, if you have to sharpen your look for a meeting, the 7/8 pants paired with a blazer jacket will capture your audience's undivided attention. And if tonight you have to change into a more sensual vibe, nothing beats the very elegant little black dress with lace details to add a little sexy touch or opt for the simplicity of a black jumpsuit with a pair of pumps.

Sober and chic, black knows how to make the difference. Even with a monochrome look, you will not go unnoticed!


Reason 4: If your middle name is "Miss Catastrophe" and you are so clumsy that a night never ends without a stain on your pants or even your blouse, this total black look is your safety net. On this dark and deep color, the slightest dirt will be neither seen nor known or at least easily removed.


Reason 5: You can have fun accessorizing your total black look. Although for you, black is sufficient on its own, you can add a little touch that will make a difference.

A little matte lipstick or a peppy polish, and voila! In terms of accessories, don't hesitate for a second to take out the golden or silver necklaces, cuffs, and hoops. Also, if a bohemian folk spirit takes hold of you in your clothing desires, why not pull out a pretty colorful scarf to revitalize your outfit.

You can totally play with your outfit in all kinds of ways and change the whole vibe in the blink of an eye.


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