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For everything, there is an appointed time, hence most of us have our days planned in other to get time for ourselves, family, and friends. On other days, we basically want to save time to rest for the next day.

There are days we get home on time, enjoy good self-care, message friends, go through our clothes, etc. Whereas on other days, we are just too tired to lift a hand, schoolwork is mentally draining, don't even talk about office and family work. And to add an episode of thinking about what to wear for the next day, that would be a big NO!--This is called reality.

When reality hits hard on us, most people dress up based on their Mood.--The way they woke up in the morning. The way they feel during the day, or for any occasion.- be spontaneous. When it comes to morning moods, it varies from time to time, person to person, situation to situation. Sometimes you totally don't feel it- that too slow mood where a person just wants to grab the simplest, easiest to go outfit.

This behavior also varies from people with high fashion interests to people who's fashion interests are just ok.

Using this behavior as our case study, we want to share with you a brief story of a fellow that wishes be unnamed.

" The constant act of picking anything based on my mostly low moods led me to situations where I felt mostly underdressed. That is a really bad feeling. Sometimes it's like everybody is looking high and you are low. Other times it feels like everybody is secretly staring at you- wondering why you look the way you look- “Not-so-ready” for an event, like that."

"I mean, I basically wouldn't be feeling the day, so I would repeat certain looks more than usual. I also tend to mismatch colors and dressed more casual than sophisticated for work or meetings. Because I didn't know the different ways to spice up my looks when the moods drop. As a result, I realized that anytime I came in contact with my colleagues, I feel my confidence leaking out.- I was the odd one around. It's worse when you already have low self-confidence.__You just want to hide from the crowd. Then you're praying there's no taking of pictures, no celebrity popping out of the blue where all your friends want to have a selfie with. It was that hard."

"Ideally, our sense of style, the kind of clothes we put on, the combination of colors and accessories speaks more about us as- It describes our personality/ style. And as a simple person, I always went my way looking as simple as I am__naturally.

The thought of being a simple person was all I knew about myself. But there was more to that."

"I would say, my appearance changed from basic to awesome when I did these few things;"

1. Find your Fashion Style

" It all started from me picking up a simple magazine from the Salon one day, to me readying fashion articles and blogs. There, I got to know that according to Stylewe, there exist 10 fashion styles, whereas others like Masterclass, Sewguide says there are 40 fashion styles, 8 fashion styles respectively. And every person falls in there somewhere. Talk of Casual, Chic, Casual, Sexy, Business class, Vintage, Artsy, just to mention a few. Reading through all these articles, I found certain fashion styles like Chic, Artsy, Sexy, more appealing. I developed new tastes. I was finding my Fashion Styles and was definitely ready to try them all".

2. Learn, Pin, and Follow

"For anything that is found as new to a person, it is lawful to learn- only if they want. That was my mindset. I wanted to try something new. Even if it was a new way to wear Pants. So I Followed stylists/ people with fashion interest that I could relate to. Then I began learning from their numerous styles- the everyday looks, colors, game-changing accessories, and so on. Above all, I saved all my favorites looks."

3. Declutter Closets

"Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! This is ok. No, I wasn't rich but I realized that even if it was left with few outfits in my closet and that could help me build my confidence back, I would be ok with it."

4. Implement

"Finally, after decluttering my closet, rearranging the leftovers and refilling the empty spaces with new clothes (designer and non-designers), I implemented the inspirations I had saved, plus the new ways I had learned, one step at a time."

"On the first day of implementation, I felt a little nervous. Not knowing what to expect from people around me because I started the week with an outfit that was literally upgrading my curves. Curves that I didn't even know existed. When I got to work, everybody was like wow! wow! From boss to colleagues to even strangers. I had people at my desk asking me unnecessary things- just to say you look good afterward. I mean people who never made eye contact. So this is how it feels like to be on top? Let's say I have been upping my game ever since and I'm happy. I feel respected, confident, and comfortable among my peers...... All it took was a simple process". The end.

Tip for the day: Make every day count. Look your best even when going through mood swings. Don't know what to wear, how to Style, or how an outfit would fit on well because of size issues, we recommend Trendblog to you. Trendblog is a place where you can find relatable looks and Styles for your everyday life. Remember our users are like you. Hence Meet the community, Engage, Save looks of interest and Implement them.

Be Bold and Confident. And don't forget to share with us how you nailed the day.

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S0, this is where we draw the curtains. We hope to see your cute looks soon. Until then,


Team Trendblog.

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