• Fatima Ezahra

MyIntox x Trendblog

Today, yet again, we brought home a new AMAZING brand just for you.

So, if you love oversize t-shirts, soft warm sweaters, AND standing out in a crowd with fashionable unique outfits, this brand is for you!

Myintox allies sustainability, high-quality materials, unique colorful designs, handmade embroideries, and animal love. Yes, you heard right! Most pieces carry a tastefully embroidered wild animal to reflect the designer's care and love for the endangered species.

If you think this was the best part, you are not quite there yet!

The outstanding motifs of animals threatened by extinction have a deeper meaning...

The label donates part of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations that work for the protection of species, with every sweater sold. Therefore, not only will you SHINE in your fashionable new clothes, but you would also be contributing to saving those cute creatures.

Are you ready to see your next new wardrobe?

What are you waiting for? Use your Trendblog coins to get your 20% discount from our shop.

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