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Smith Siblings and their influence on Fashion!

Being a famous person because of your parents it's kinda tricky, but Willow and Jaden Smith have grown and bloomed on their own path. Both were exposed in a healthy way with the help of Jada and Willard Smith, which provided them with different experiences to grow their professional life!

So today I decided to show an overview of their Styles and Careers to inspire you to make a difference!!

About Willow

Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Record Producer, Actress, and Dancer are all the professions Willow decided to have in her life, a classical multitasking creative person.

She started really young starring on "I am a Legend" with her dad Will Smith, but she became an explorer of many different types of artistic paths. After being adopted as goddaughter by Jay-Z Willow started the singer career.

Willow has a bold style where she embraces her roots and plays with many aesthetics. Therefore, she became Chanel's Ambassador. There are no boundaries for Willow's Style!

About Jaden

Actor, Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter Jaden also started his career acting in "The Pursuit of Happiness" with his dad Will Smith. Ever since Jaden has acted in some remakes and the Netflix series "The Get Down". In parallel, his career has evolved in the Music path as a Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter.

Jaden is extremely active in social and ecological causes and has created the "Just Water" Company that provides sustainable and waste-free water.

Jaden's Style is unique and controversial, his influences are diverse and bold. As a consequence, he made many partnerships with fashion brands such as LV and Choi Bum Suk.

Double Fashionable

Together, Willow and Jaden are a strong image of the new generation of fashion lovers and I brought some inspirational looks to inspire your Style.

What do you think about the Smith Siblings' Style? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to show us some looks inspired by them on your Trendblog.app profile!

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