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South African Fashion Week 2021 - "Slow Fashion"

This past weekend, South African Fashion Week wrapped up its Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Show. The show consisted of 28 designers including one of the 9 finalists from this year's LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, Lukhanyo Mdingi. The event took place virtually and was filmed at the beginning of April at the impressive venue of the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg. Viewers were then able to purchase tickets to view all the collections during the online event.

According to Lucilla Booyzen, director of SAFW, the focus of this year's show was slow fashion. The designers used a mixture of upcycling, the process of reusing old materials for new items as well as the use of natural fabrics such as cotton and wool in their runway designs. ”South African Fashion Week’s goal of facilitating a slow fashion culture steeped in ecological sustainability by 2025 is supported by the majority of designers who are aligned with the platform,” noted Booyzen during an interview about the show. Take a look at some of the featured designers and their SAFW '21 collections.

Fikile Sokhulo's Collection:

This collection of stunning printed fabric dresses pulls its inspiration from nature and how the earth is always striving for ecological balance. The feminine collection specifically draws from the elegance of the willow trees.

Erre Collection:

This collection has a large and bold range of designers that pride themselves in bright colors and prominent features such as oversized puff sleeves and standout peplums in their designs. Their bold statement pieces are always stand out on the runway.

Black Coffee Collection:

From the designer, Jacques van der Watt, we get a mix of bold yet simple fashion pieces. The geometric designs draw inspiration from the subject of war, hence the name "Platoon SS21". However, the goal of the collection was neutrality. "The things we thought fixed our identity are no longer. We have passed the era when nationality matters. The only race, the human race. We are in uniform, but non-uniform", states Jacques about the meaning behind his collection.

Lara Klawikowski Collection:

This collection features a mix of femininity, unique textures and drapings, and vibrant colors. Klawikowski is known for being bold and experimental with her designs, and this year is no different with her pieces being created from recycling and upcycling of fabrics to create new and better pieces.

Other highlights from South African Fashion Week 2021

All photos courtesy of the official South African Fashion Week website

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