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Spring rhymes with summer dress!

Spring is around the corner and we all missed our all-time favorite: the summer dress. This season, it comes with prints, transparency, fringes, and folk accessories.

Symbol of femininity, the dress is essential in our wardrobe. It's easy to put on and a pleasure to wear. A timeless piece both in hot weather or under a coat when it's cold. Today like yesterday, the dress gives us an unparalleled feeling of freedom.


The bohemian dress

A great classic of the summer wardrobe, the so-called bohemian dress, shows elegance. The airy materials, and so refined, are glorified with floral motifs, the embellishments embroidered with sequins veil the satin, silk, lace. Just as the precious colors (yellow gold, ruby ​​blush, imperial blue, etc.) wield a romanticism that manifests itself in all-over: meticulous embroidery, floral ornaments, mother-of-pearl rods. Obviously beautiful.

When you love the bohemian dress, you don't count the accessories: XXL pendants, heavy earrings, and multiple charm bracelets that resonate with a harmonious jerky melody.


Animal print dress

It is undeniably the trend of the moment. The animal print makes its nest in our wardrobe and this, on any item of our wardrobe. We love it! The only issue for us is the following: rather leopard print or python print? Anyway, to dress up your animal print dress you just need to pair it with solid color items. A jacket, a pair of shoes, or a monochrome accessory. For a sophisticated look: choose a thin pair of high heels.


The slip-dress

The iconic trend of the 90s, and established by the wonderful models of the time like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, or even Cindy Crawford, the slip-dress, looking like a nightie, makes a graceful comeback and therefore, inevitably, in the wardrobes of stylish girls.


The little dress

Follower of a substantial and refined fashion, the little dress, which is not only black, is one of the most popular pieces of the season. A mini length, therefore, often tempered by clean cuts and neutral shades, for an undoubtedly glamorous look.


The maxi dress

No, the maxi dress is not only linked to conservative values. And yes, even with its few extra pieces of fabric, the long dress ensures ultimate femininity. Wear your maxi dress with a waist belt to elevate your figure, put on high heels or sneakers for a more relaxed style.

The fishnet dress

Usually worn by the sea, the fishnet dress becomes urban. Its wide knits remind us of fishnet tights, a trend that made its comeback a few years ago. Fairly loose, often sleeveless, and made of crocheted material, the fishnet dress inspires Mediterranean air.

The fringed dress

They make their way to the trends of the season. Less dramatic than at the time of the "roaring twenties", fringes are back in a modern and chic version.

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