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Stay At Home Outfit Ideas

With the current pandemic happening, some of us are homebound for an indefinite time. Meetings are done via Zoom, classes, and lectures are virtual, and your daily office commute is now being replaced by a long leisure walk from your bed to the kitchen. Enter the new reality of working from home.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing jogging pants and pajamas all day every day. We get it, with the current uncertainty looming in the air, you want to stay as comfy as possible. Some days are tough and called for cocooning with a big blanket and big cups of tea. On brighter days though, putting some effort into your looks can surprisingly lift up your mood. We came up with a few tips on staying sane and stylish during your isolation.

Boho Kimono

Hello, domestic goddess! We hear ya. We'd rather be isolated on a tropical island, too. Alas, you're stuck at home and the only adventure you're having is to the local supermarket in search of the last toilet paper rolls. As traveling to a faraway land doesn't look like too close to our horizon, so why not bring the vacation to your home? Wear your floral or lace kimono, play your favorite playlist, burn some incense, or palo santo. Relax, dance it out, and sip on your favorite drink!

Silk Dress

Staying at home doesn't mean you can't indulge in glamour. Easy to slip on and off, a silk or satin dress can make the most mundane chores like watering your plants or making your bed a fun activity. Roll out of bed, put on a silk dress, and go on and make yourself a cup of coffee, and channel your inner Parisian femme.

High Waisted Flared Pants

I know what you're thinking about. What's the point of wearing pants when no one on your Zoom call can see it?! Still, even when no one's watching, looking good makes you feel good. A pair of high waisted bell bottom pants will make you feel like a gold dust woman that you are.

Oversized Sweater & Cardigan

Oversized and slouchy cardigans are soft, comfortable, and chic at the same time. Pair them with jeans and vintage band tee's or any top you have in your wardrobe. Get the effortless look with literally zero effort by layering your outfits with an oversized sweater or cardigan.

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