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Style Tips: Hair Accessories

Ribbons, Scrunchies, Clips, Bobby Pins, Glitter, Beads, Bandanas... So many options and here you can find how to complete your look with some hair accessories tips.

Sometimes you just want to dress up really simple but with some special details and hair accessories can be the best solution for this! Today I decided to bring som Styling tips of many different accessories you can use to glam up your look.


They had gain a lot of visibility with the grow of 80's fashion influence and TikTok scene, versatile they can be found in many different colours, textures and formats.

They can change any look with a simple ponytail, or even used in the wrist when you want to variate your hair style.


The most common hair accessories that you can find in anyones purse, found in a large variation of colours and sizes to help to construct a hair style, but they can more than just a auxiliar for your braids.

With beads, broches or basically colourful they can integrate your look bringing more fun and glamour.


A small details to cover elastic in your hair style, or simply make your boxy braids look special, they can be in different materials such as metals or plastic.

The colourful ones are perfect to create this 90's aesthetic that is super trend now!

Clips and Bobby Pins

Minimalist and Glamorous or Funny and Colourful, clips and Bobby Pins are easy to use and find.

Uncomplicated look or a extreme elegant one

it doesn't matter which style you gonna choose the best feature they can have is that they level up your style without too much effort.

Bandanas and Ribbons

Bad hair days are real - nothing better to have as a simple solution for theses unfortunate situation, they add a romantic detail in your look and can be used in many different ways.

Mix up with the hair to create a modern braid of use as a final touch on the point of it for a extra elevated style.


You can create from the most simple look to a really realness one with headbands.

With a lot of variations and design you can find encrusted with rhinestones, pearls and the most common made of fabric.

Perfect to keep the hair out of your face or for a cute princess vibe

Especial Category

If you want to get an extravaganza look I brought this special category to inspire you for that important and unique occasion.





Pattern Dye

Which of these hairstyles is your favorite? Leave your comments here and feel free to share a look inspired by one of them on your Trendblog profile! You don't have it? No problem! Here is the LINK so you can be part of the Trendblog community!

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