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Style Tips: How to make Hoodies Fashionable

Comfy, Simple, Warm, and Easy to find! You are probably wearing them a lot during the Lockdown, but don't find it good enough to leave home in it. So how about some Style tips to bring them outside with you?


The easiest way to style a hoodie is by using layers. The type of pieces you choose will define the style you want to show.

For a sophisticated look, the use of a blazer or a structured jacket can be a good base for your layering. Nothing is better than feeling warm during winter, so feel free to add a scarf or even an oversized cardigan.

But if you want to have a modern and street fashion style, denim can help you construct this image. Pants, jackets, or jumpsuit? It doesn't matter! They're all good choices to layer your look.


When everything is in the same color including sub-tones of it, you create a line. This is a good tip for those who want to look taller or thinner.

Monochromatic looks are especially simple and good for those who want to add more color to their look for lazy days when you don't want to think much about what to wear.

When you decide on the color, you can always play with textures and accessories composition to give that extra touch of fashion.

Skirts, Skirts and more Skirts

Long, short, or midi skirts?So many options! But it doesn't matter which one you choose. Each one of them can change your look in so many ways!

If you want a sexy look or young vibe, short skirts are for you. As for chilly days, add boots and pantyhose to keep you warm.

For a fashionable style, the midi and long skirts are the best choices since these types of pieces give a modern yet elegant vibe to your look.

Skirts add a bit of femininity to the cool vibe of the hoodie by breaking the sporty vibe.

Now that you already know how to style your hoodie, we are curious to see which one of the tips you will use to construct your look. We can't wait to see the post on your Trendblog Profile.

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