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Style Tips: There's no mistakes on a Monochromatic Look

For some people combine colours is a mystery, but there's an easy way to start to add life to your Style!

When someone come to me saying "I don't know how to use colours!"my first answer will be have you ever tried a Monochromatic Look?

Using one color can create the illusion of being slender since you are not breaking your silhouette with different colour blocks.

Monochromatic by definition is "containing or using only one color" the definition looks easy to understand but for Styling is way more than this we need to make sure that you remind these 3 elements to compose a Monochromatic Look.


The definition of Monochromatic it's really clear bout using the same color, but it does not exclude shades of the same.

When you use different shades of the same color you create dimensions and illusions and it's perfect to define silhouettes.

It's simple! If you want to stand out some part of your body use light shades for it and using darker shades you gonna tone down and hide something you want, It's basically a game of light and shade!


Another way to play with Illusion, Light and Shades is by using textured pieces and different fabrics.

Silk, Leather, Fur, Wool, Knitting, Jeans or Suede everything is valuable when you want to create a great impact.

It's really appealing for the eyes to catch different types of textures creating a aesthetic, don't be afraid to mix it up!


Here is where you can reunite all the elements mentioned before and go to a pro level of Monochromatic Styling.

With different Shades and Texture is just about Layering to enlighten whatever you want, if you want a special tone of your chosen color to be on focus you can play a "hide and seek" game with your elements.

Also is a great solution to add colours to your winter outfit since you don't want to freeze outside!

Now that you don't need to be afraid to use colours how about to share your Monochromatic on your Trendblog.app Profile?

You don't have it? No problem! Here is the link so you can be part of the Trendblog community!

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