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Styling Tips: Belts are never too much!!

You can think they ar just a normal accessories but the belts can change you Look and Silhouette, invest in some good belts are never too much! And todays tips is how to improve your Outfit with them!

Classic Shape

Normally with a metal buckle and sober colours, they are the base for the creation of any other model of belt and the good start for style!

The variation start from the width, colours and textures but the purpose vary from the most common as shape and keep in place your trousers, to give more silhouette on your dress.

They can define your outfit giving a strong and extreme touch of Punk with spikes or metal accessories or romantic and sophisticated being thin and minimalistic.


Usually made of fabric or elastic the Sport style became really famous with "OFF WHITE "model and since they were created more variations appear in the market.

They are a good choice for Street Style outfits or when you want to break the serious tone of your look.


The chains can add a great variety tones to your outfit, they are diverse and fun to compose, If you want to be glamorous opt for gold, pendants and encrusted ones.

For a punk vibe you can combine with a structured and spiked black belt and for a mystic tone some universal elements to compose your witchy look.


Using the same shape but not exactly the same function of a corset the belts that mimic it are a good investment for those who love an hourglass body shape.

They can be in leather or fabric but the structure is what it counts, in any look they will bring femininity and sensuality since they slight you silhouette and enlighten the bust and hips.

A good solution for anyone who wants to have more curves!

Fanny Pack

Practical and Stylish the Fanny Packs got our hearts, this trends is getting more famous and accepted during the years after many seasons of trials to bring it back from 90's.

Of course the models nowadays are more modern and fun since the big brands adopted and adapted some of the most iconic bags to be part of it.

But in truth they are belts and can be a good way to enlighten your look and bring some fun elements.

Have fun playing with all these references and don't forget to post your style on Trendblog.app!

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