• Fatima Ezahra

Sunglasses: A style statement

Eyewear is far from being just an accessory, it’s a STATEMENT. The sunglasses you wear are not just to protect you from the sun, they can make you look smart, strong, intimidating, charismatic fashionable, fearless isn’t it? And what is PHENOMENAL is that this little accessory can switch your casual jeans and t-shirt to stylish fashionista, your classic blazer look to fierce businesswoman, your favorite white shirt outfit to a full-on James Bond vibe.

With the arrival of the first rays of the spring sun, mid-season jackets slowly replace winter coats, wool sweaters give way to bohemian dresses and leather ankle boots give way to heeled sandals. Now is the time for flowing materials, floral prints, and elegant sunglasses, nestled on our noses in the hope that they will give us a more stylish look than ever. Originally designed to protect our eyes from the dangers of UVs, they are now an essential fashion item for any wardrobe.

While some place their trust in one favorite pair, WE, fashion enthusiasts, all know that moment of love at first sight when you see that 128930201...Th pair that makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's or Joan Jett rocking it.

That's why we've put together a list of the top sunglasses trends for summer 2021 in order to inspire you!

Square and oversize

One trend you probably can't ignore this summer is chunky shades and square frames. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are in love with the design of these bold accessories, which seem to be made to attract envious glances.

Oversized square sunglasses come in many colors but this season's must-haves are the vibrant and robust colors or extravagant frames of the Pantone palette, revealing the desire for energizing contrasts and personalized expression.

natykerny baddunes

The butterfly sunglasses

If you observe the latest trends in sunglasses, you will be pleasantly struck by the large butterfly shapes. This 2021 trend will easily outshine your other shades, especially if you choose a striking pair with captivating details.

When it comes to color, aim for 70s tones, being careful not to look away from animal patterns. An important advantage of butterfly glasses, besides their remarkable fashion factor, is their anti-aging protection.

glossyflash natykerny natykerny

Cat-eye sunglasses are still in

This summer, sunglasses pay homage to decades past. The 1950s spirit is notably brought up to date with cat-eye shaped glasses that instantly bring an ultra-desirable retro look.

natykerny baddunes natykerny

The huge comeback of the shield sunglasses

Mono glass is back! The accessory that was made famous by celebrities like J.Lo is back in fashion. This year's shield sunglasses are more futuristic than ever and everything seems to point to maxi lenses in the seasons to come. Minimal frames in the Matrix-style are also very popular. The watchword is to have fun and play with styles.

glossyflash baddunes

From old to new: the 70s in 2021

Retro styles are all the rage this summer. Many colorful iconic shapes are back, but with a modern twist. These are mainly round and cat-eye sunglasses, but also square shapes. This summer we will see fewer mirrored glass but more colorful shades from 1970s.

fengfan_x imbribtw reginaanikiy

One word is enough: geometric!

Geometric shapes, such as triangles, squares, and especially hexagons, will rule the sunglasses trends for the summer of 2021. The geometric sunglasses presented on the catwalks were either minimalist or generously framed. This trend is bold and not for everyone, but rounded edges could be a good compromise!

poppylissiman orionvanessa naomianwerr

We can all agree that this year's eyewear fashion is bold and extravagant, it is THE occasion to dare!

We would love to see your favorite sunglasses on your Trendblog Profile. You don't have a pair? View our selection in the shop to spice up your wardrobe!

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