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The crop top: Your fashion ally

For several seasons now, the crop top has established itself in our wardrobe to become our best fashion ally. In addition to highlighting all body types, this little cropped top can be worn with everything!

Here are a few tips on how to wear it.

The crop top, what is it?

As the name suggests, the crop top is a short top that stops just above the navel. Today, the crop top is available as a t-shirt, sweater, or even a cardigan. In short, all tops can have their crop version! After having marked the fashion of the 90s, it is making a comeback and is definitely making a name for itself in our wardrobe. But unlike Britney Spears who wore it with low-rise jeans to show off her navel, the chic today is precisely to reveal nothing.


Wearing the crop top without showing your navel

Even if you are a big fan of the pop stars of the nineties, you have to face the facts: the crop top is not what it used to be! While our idols loved to wear these crop tops to show off their pierced navels, today, we're playing it a little wiser. Tight, it can be worn with high-waisted pants, under a blazer, or a kimono-type jacket. In its loose version, wear it with a little midi skirt or mom jeans that never stop below the navel.


How to wear the crop top in winter?

Even in cold weather, we can afford to take it out! Indeed, the crop top is very easily hidden under a shirt or a vest. In its sweater version, we opt for a thick knit, to associate with high-waisted jeans and a pair of heeled ankle boots. You can also slip it under overalls or a short-sleeved dress. It is a perfect solution for those who like to have minimalist closets, by having the possibility of wearing them as well in winter as in summer!


Wear a crop top in summer

In summer, the crop top blends perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. With denim shorts, a high-waisted mini, midi, or maxi skirt, it goes with all your summer fashion pieces without losing their elegance. For those who also like to be stylish on vacation, today there are skirt/crop top or short /crop top sets that guarantee you a look that's right on the trend of the moment to put on quickly and without fuss. And it's obviously the fashion piece to slip into your suitcase to complete all your outfits.


How to highlight your curves with a crop top?

Who said you had to have a model slender figure to put on a crop top? On the contrary, the crop top is the perfect piece to highlight your curves. For a chic look, opt for a pantsuit with flared pants and a blazer under which you slip a crop top with thin straps or bandeau. During the day, the crop top-long skirt combo will be ideal, as will the t-shirt which will be perfect with high-waisted pants and a jacket over when the temperatures cool.

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