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The Magic Of High Knee boots

Hey there,

Today's we're going to talk about the superstar of shoes, the highlight of all women's closets, the hottest item that takes your outfits to a whole new level of sexy. I think you guessed it...The HIGH KNEE BOOTS!

It is the fashion trend that invites itself everywhere. Worn by American stars from Rihanna to Celine Dion, validated by influencers and bloggers, high knee boots are reviving their image and forging a new reputation. Before giving in to this trend, we would like to share some fashion tips for an amazing look with these shoes.

The high knee boot, a shoe for all women:

In leather, suede, and even plastic ... With a zipper or laces, a flat heel, a stiletto heel, or a wedge heel, thigh-high boots come in all shapes and all heights. In the street, black suede models are popular, but a little touch of originality is not to be avoided.

How to wear over the knee boots for a fashionable look?

Some precautions before putting on our favorite boots:

- we say no to the vinyl model and the total leather look ... which reminds us too much that the high knee boots were until now reserved for erotic and fetish circles.

- we avoid the 100% tight-fitting look and we bring softness with loose pieces: a big loose sweater or a pretty vaporous blouse

- we break the codes ... with sportswear pieces like a sports sweatshirt, a sweatshirt dress, a bomber. The idea is to avoid taking thigh boots too seriously and allow yourself to play with different looks.

The high knee boots are making a strong return in the world of fashion. From celebrities to podiums, the high knee boots are EVERYWHERE! We picked out from Instagram our favorite looks to inspire you.

But be cautious, your jaws may drop...

Sophie @sophiemoulds

Majda @mjaoual.majda

Frilancy Hoyle @frilancy

Ingrid Cortez @itsingz

There is something incredibly sensual and fashionable about a woman in high knee boots, isn't it?

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