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Tips for choosing the perfect photography location

When it comes to choosing the perfect location for a photo shoot, there are many things to consider in order to get the perfect shot. Every photo tells a story and also it is a reflection of your personal branding. It is highly important to look good and stylish but also you need to find the perfect location and lighting to make it perfect. We all know the feeling that when you look at your photo more it seems less beautiful. Here are some amazing tips for you to control every aspect of your photo!

1) The photo shoot style

To decide what makes a good location first, you need to think about if the location suits your outfit and is it correlated with the story that you are telling? You can always use environmental and architectural elements as an advantage.

For a boho look, you should prefer a location that looks hot and funky. Your long hippie and boho accessories would perfectly fit with the background. Or if you are shooting with your designer pieces and you want to create a more luxurious look you can choose your location as an expensive restaurant. Influencers use this technique a lot and it also increases your self-esteem and helps you to pose more confidently.

It is extremely important to match your outfit with the location`s style. You wouldn`t want to pose with your Chanel bag in a ghetto neighborhood, right? :)

2) Location`s colors

One another useful tip is to use the same colors with the background and you are going to see the difference. Your photos are going to look like taken for Vogue!

You should think about combining colors for your outfit as well as with the background. For example one of my personal favorite photography location is Santorini island in Greece. All island is surrounded by blue and white colors and for that location, you should definitely use one of these colors or combine them together in your outfit.

Or you can go with matching opposite colors as you do in your outfits. For a purple background, you can wear a yellow dress for a more dramatic look. Always remember matching colors is one of the most important things to consider to create the perfect shot.

3) Lighting

You have chosen the background`s theme and colors and another important factor is the lighting. A photo can look totally different at different times of the day. Lighting is a crucial subject since you need a lot to consider.

A shadow can totally ruin your photo. If you want no shadow and a bright look you should choose the timing between 12:00-14:00. This timing is perfect for summer photos. Especially if you are posing at the beach. Another common time using by influencers is called ''golden hour''. It is the period of the daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. During that time, the lighting it redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

So the next time when you wondered why isn`t your shoot stand up to professional photos taken from the same spot, think that you probably have chosen the wrong time of day.

4) Shooting Angle

There are thousands of angles to take a photo and each of them creates a different shot. The angle is highly important for the background and your face. We all know those photos that we had to delete because of the angle was totally wrong.

If you have selected an architectural background and you want it to be impressive you should better be sure about your photograph`s angle. To give an example, you are shooting in front of Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) you need to be sure that your photo does not cut the top of the cathedral.

The angle is crucially important for your face. When you are taking a selfie you have most likely noticed that already. If you are taking your selfie from a downward angle it is more likely that you will notice the bags under your eyes. Upward angle makes your face have more light and you will look fresher consequently. But you shouldn`t use an overly upward angle, better not to seem like emo! :)

5) People in the background

People in the background can be beneficial for your photo. But on the other hand, you might want no one in the background. In this case, you should be aware of the busy times for this location.

If you are shooting in a spiritual place, it is better to visit the location early in the morning to find a zero people spot. This will make your shoot more professional and you will definitely have your highest amount of likes!

Also as we have mentioned before the early morning hours are called ''golden hour''. So that your photo will have the perfect lighting and also the background will not be crowded. So it is a win-win solution. :)

6) Weather

One of the most important aspects is the weather when you are shooting. You should always be aware of the weather of the location before you go. Then you might make some changes in your outfit and hair.

If you are shooting in cold weather and your outfit is not warm enough, the uncomfortable situation that you are facing is going to be in your face! You need to look relaxed and high self-esteemed in your photograph. So you would be better to wear your warmest coat if you are shooting in a cold day.

It is also effectual for a hot weather. If your outfit is too thick for the weather you might seem sweaty and this would also ruin your photo. One tip also to keep in mind is that once you do your makeup and hair you should start shooting as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose the perfection when you first prepared.

7) Photographer

Last but not least, who is taking your photograph? If you are also one of these people that needs to take 100 photos to have the perfect shot, you better find yourself a patient photographer. It is generally torture for your boyfriend to shoot that many photos but your friends would definitely help you.

There is also a fun part of taking photographs and you need to enjoy it in order to look happy in the pictures. But if your photographer is bored and uncomfortable you are also going to be in that vibe! So you better choose who is taking your pictures wisely.

If you are a fresh influencer and you are trying to increase your engagement. It is also a clever tip is to work with a professional photographer at the start. It will definitely boost your followers and you are going to learn a lot about the keys of a perfect photo.

These are the 7 key steps you need to follow to make the perfect shot at a perfect location. Trendblog app is a community for fashion lovers and influencers. If you also want to be part of our community follow these steps, take your perfect shot, and join us! :)

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