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Styles from the Trendblog Community

Fashionistas from all around the globe are on Trendblog showcasing their favorite looks. As a community, we value everyone and every style. Fashion should be fun and accessible to everyone. Personal style is a way of self-expression and we value that very much here at Trendblog.

Here are a few of our favorite looks this week:

User: FashionAddict AKA @fashionaddict__________

What is more chic than all-white overalls? Trick question. All-white overalls are the chicest. Combine it with thigh-high boots and a pair of silver hoops then the whole outfit is *chef kiss*

User: Chinaza07

Spice up your summer casual look by throwing an elegant suit jacket to your outfit. This is a perfect combination for a Sunday date or roaming around a museum in style.

User: Sabryna9

A crop top inspired by Chinese Qipao and a matching cap. Whatever is in your agenda, from window shopping, watching a game, or chilling at home - this outfit is the epitome of comfy and stylish.

User: NizzyDaniels AKA @nizzy_daniels

Bright colored African print mixed with the subtlety of plain black skirt? This outfit is delicious! Formal and chic for more official gatherings, but also wearable on the street of Paris. It's what the future of fashion should be, bold, playful, and fun!

User: Cansu

How cute is this outfit? White sneakers for maximum comfort and support while you're out and about. Pink shirt to accentuate your cuteness and blue denim because well, blue denim! Throw in a pair of sunglasses and voila, you're ready to take on whatever the day is throwing at you.

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