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Dreaming of Vacations and Resort Wear

If you're like us, you're likely to be still stuck at home dreaming of your next vacation, tropical weather, sipping coconut water by the beach, and all the whimsical outfits you'll be stuffing to your suitcase. With the whole situation that is happening in the world, it's easy to feel anxious and have an immense desire to just escape it all. Alas, a lavish getaway doesn't look very close in our horizon right now.

However, we figured that instead of sulking at home, we can craft itineraries for the perfect vacation, researching destinations unknown, and adding beautiful resort wear pieces into our cart.

Here are some of the magical places we want to visit in the future plus the perfect outfits we will be flaunting there.

Lamu, Kenya

If your ideal vacation is laying around the beach doing nothing then Lamu might be just the perfect place for you. The island is laidback and the slow pace of life is embraced here. There are no cars or motorized vehicles here, donkeys and boats are the main modes of transport- adding a certain charm to the island life.

As the majority of the populations in Lamu are Muslim, visitors should respect the custom and dress in modest clothing - ideally covering your shoulder and legs. Maxi skirts and dresses made out of breezy material in neutral colors would be a great staple during your stay in this African island. Check out these dresses from Cult Gaia that just ooze chic and simplicity, allowing you to blend in just fine with the stunning backdrop of white sand beaches and the Swahili architecture.

Sayulita, Mexico

Stunning beaches, good surf, and delicious food, what else could you ask for?! No, it's not Cancun nor Tulum. Head to the Pacific coast and locate a dream of a hippie beach town called Sayulita. Do yoga by the beach, chase the waves, eat tacos, and be merry.

Spell, a modern bohemian fashion brand from Byron Bay, Australia is the right address to get you the right gear for your Sayulita escapades. Groovy print tee's, crochet skirts, kimonos, floral dresses, they got it all! Channel your inner beach hippie self and live, love, laugh away!

Milos, Greece

Sarakiniko beach in Milos, Greece is probably the closest (and certainly most gorgeous) we can come close to experience moon landscape on earth. Admire and explore the white cliffs and plunge into the bluest water.

Compliment the white cliffs by wearing a matching all-white outfit. Two-piece bikini with high-waisted pants, loose tunics, and matching linen co-ord pieces. Switch your practical daypack for a macrame bag to carry your beach essentials in style.

Sumba, Indonesia

Who's up for remote island adventure? This island is located in the east part of the Indonesian archipelago. A perfect spot for those who are sick of the tourists-packed Bali, craving adventures, and looking to interact with the friendly locals. Come here to experience nature's offerings minus the crowd, wild horses on the beach, or perhaps one of the best All-Inclusive Resort out there, Nihi Sumba. Whatever your budget and priorities are, Sumba offers stunning deserted beaches, waterfalls, and certainly an unforgettable journey!

We won't sugar coat it, Sumba as a whole is still rough around the edges. Come here prepared and ready for adventures. Pack multi-purpose items, like a light scarf or sarong that you can wear to tame your hair, as a beach cover-up, or a make-shift dress. Don't even think to pack your favorite pair of high heels. Instead, bring reliable and comfy sandals so you can jump from riding a motorbike to climbing hills and exploring waterfalls.

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