• Meghan Miller

Valentino Takes on Beauty

"Beauty is about grace. Grace is something that you cannot describe, it is a perception. Beauty is something that gives me emotion. It is a connection."

-Pierpaolo Piccioli

When you think of Valentino, you think of high fashion, haute couture fashion weeks. But now, Valentino is taking the plunge into the world of beauty and releasing their first-ever makeup collection. The collection will consist of 50 different shades of lipstick, 40 shades of foundation, and some "experimental" eye products.

The collection is aimed to be an all-inclusive beauty line, meaning, it is open to all ages, genders, and cultures. "Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Maison Valentino, delivers his vision of beauty according to the time we are living in, by bringing his inclusive aesthetic where emotions, dreams, and individuality are essential," notes the announcement. Hence why the collection will have such a wide range of shades. The goal was to make a shade for every skin tone so that the couture makeup could be worn by any and all who want it.

Picciolo has selected 16 diverse talents to showcase the makeup brand, each one representing a different facet of the Valentino brand. He states in the launch announcement, "Beauty is a complexity resolved through love. Beauty is democratic. I look at the identity of each individual, the uniqueness that encloses diversity and inclusivity."

Valentino Makeup is set to be unveiled on May 31st at the Selfridges Department Store in London. The Preorder for all products will be available starting June 1st in the United States and the worldwide launch will take place in August of 2021.

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