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What is Trendblog? And why is everybody using it?

In this age of Social Media, everybody wants to look stylish, glow up, feel classy, and show the world their fashionable lives through stunning pictures. It stretches to the showing of Outfits people bought after a fashion show, new designer releases, the different styles, and textures, how it looks on different types of bodies... etc. Is it for toddlers or children within a certain age?- Trendy children outfits, styles, and accessories that would make anybody go Awwww! Are all seen, followed, and adapted to by parents, families, and friends --with just a click of a button.

This is how fun the old act of taking photos of ourselves and dashing them into photo albums has turned into.

Today, there are a series of images and videos of teens and young adults who are not professional fashion coaches but have their fellows learning so much from them on different ways to spice up old and boring closets, how they can style trendy outfits like their mentors and celebrities. How to simply combine shades of colors and look good- basic things that aren't taught in school.

Through this, it can be seen that almost all body shapes and sizes are benefiting from it.

Now, those who thought they wouldn't fit nor look good in certain types of dresses or style themselves in different ways, are learning from other people. They are having their fair share of the National Fashion Cake.----This, we call the influence of influencers.

And anybody can be an Influencer. That is why Trendblog is here.

Trendblog is a daily fashion social network and community where people with fashion interests get instant Feedbacks on anything Fashion they post on their page and as well as get discounts on Designer products they wish to purchase.

With trendblog, we encourage you to be creative with your fashion look-books. All we ask is for people to post their trendiest outfit, outfit of the day, back to school looks, and many more on our page. Because that can inspire most people to look their best every time.

Not forgetting about our Trend-Coins, On Trendblog, our users earn Coins anytime they share their styles, fashion accessory looks, or engage on their platforms. The Trend-Coins help users earn shopping discounts that can be redeemed anytime in our shop.

Also, even though our shop is filled with different designers, we give our users the chance to request the kinds of fashion brands they wish to see in our shop. We welcome all ideas because we are there for them.

Also, we give our users our full support to browse through all the different styles and categories trendblog has, such as; Beauty & Make-up, Streetstyle, Casual, Classy, Vintage, Fair fashion, Sportswear, Shoes, Accessories, and the likes.

Our users can also save their favorite looks of other people for future use or better still share them with the rest of the world.

In emergency situations where people don't know what to wear for an event, a free and fair rating from other users on an outfit really helps.

This guides users in deciding what looks best. Hence, no more would outfit’s for an old school reunion, dinner dates, and other events be a burden.

For those who do not pick out their outfits the night before bed as they prefer to be spontaneous when choosing clothes in the morning, Trendblog can be a place to source out fashion inspiration or outfit ideas just to save some time.

In short, discovering popular looks, sharing all the newest fashion trends, as well as giving compliments on looks/styles/accessories that can help anybody in our community is our goal.

So let’s make it happen! Get the App here, or on all AppStores: www.trendblog.app


"You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland.

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