• Madelene Afrakomah

What Makes A Man?

Hmm.... so what makes a Man? Let's see what Google says here...

If you clicked on the link up there, you definitely saw Google's first answer to the question,- "What makes a man".Westlife's song ... Sad we ain't having a Karaoke now. Maybe next time. But seriously, have you ever thought about this question?

Right, let's make this question easy- so you don't break your brain.

What makes a man attractive?

Is it his Smile? Job? His cleft chin? His hair? Physic? What?

According to Tie, style-wise, what makes a guy attractive in the eyes of women include things like;

Good grooming habits- Talk about the hairs. How clean and shaped the facial hair is, general body hairs, and even the smell of a man. When a man a great taste of shoes. The suits, T-shirts and jeans, V-neck sweaters, tasteful accessories, and so on.

But still what makes a man attractive?

Hmm... let's see these 3 classic men and find out for ourselves- What makes a man attractive.

1. Joe Floww @joefloww_

2. Thomas Chu @thvmxxs

3. Lukas Gold @lukasgold

Well folks, based on our classic exhibits above, we can say we weren't smelling them from above but we still find them attractive. Hence, all there is to say is, every fine thing on and about a man makes Him a Man. An attractive Man! Or, how well put together a man is, makes him attractive. His body, simplicity, confidence, and everything. Makes him a classic Man.

So again, what makes a man attractive to you?

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Team Trendblog.

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