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What to wear on a First Date!

When it comes to pick an outfit for the first date, for many woman it is one of the hardest decisions of all time! We start to question ourselves: ‘’Is it too short?’’, ‘’Do I look fat?’’ or ‘’Is my make-up too much?’’.

All of these questions make us not sure about our outfit and then we realise we are late for the date!

The wise thing to do is to keep these 5 simple first date outfits that will work anytime, anywhere to attract your date.

1) Floral dress

Every woman should have a floral dress in their wardrobe. Whenever you want to look chic, sexy and cute at the same time, no need to think. If the date`s plan is going to a restaurant or a picnic, you already know what to wear! These dresses are a life-saver and also it is so easy to combine.

You can wear them with boots or with sandals. Also don`t forget to use your favourite accessories to finish your look perfectly.

2) After-work style

It is all about which impression you would like to give to your date. If you want an ‘irresistable look’ you should definitely try this outfit idea.

If you want to try this style, my advice is to combine work outfit with sneakers. This will make you feel comfortable and at the same time confident.

3) Bodysuit + High Waisted Jeans

You want him to never say no?

Then, this is the outfit you choose. A stylish bodysuit is dramatically important in a stylish woman`s closet. If you are feeling confident and ready to blow his mind, just pick your sexiest bodysuit and wear it with your high-waisted jeans. When it comes to shoes, you should better show your feet with sandals or high-heels.

4) Choose your favourite color

Most of the people have a color that they believe brings them luck or is a perfect match with their hair or skin color. When you are creating your outfit for the date, keep that in mind. Your favourite color will give you confidence and you will look sure about your apperance. Choose that color for you and find what matches with it.

It is also a good idea to be colourful on the first date to create an astonishing first flash-look!

5) Go with the basics!

Finally, there actually is no need to stress about anything. Know your worth and value! Everything you wear will make you look pretty and even if the first impression really matters,

after 5 minutes your outfit will loose its importance.

If you want to wear jeans with a white T-Shirt,

go back to the basics and wear whatever you want. You don`t need to stress yourself to look stylish, just be yourself.

And when you feel good for that date,

make sure to share your look on Trendblog to inspire the Fashion-Community!


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