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What to wear to a job interview?

Getting dressed can be a stressful job, especially if it an interview occasion. Not only you need to have the skills, but you also need to look like a good fit for the company culture. Unfortunately, there is no outfit which suits to all scenarios. Instead, you need to tailor your outfit according to the company and position that you have applied for. Below you will find amazing tips and outfit ideas that will help you get rid away from the stress next time when you are trying to choose your outfit.

1) What to wear to an Internship Interview?

Internships are crucial to develop a career pathway and even if it seems like an entering position, with the competitiveness of the modern world, you should treat them wisely. What you should wear to an internship interview is highly dependent on the type of company to which you are applying to work for. If the company is a startup, you can be creative and fun. Since they want you to act like that, think outside of the box! If the business if formal, on the other hand, a white shirt and black pants are always the safest outfits. :)

2) What to wear to a casual/informal Interview?

Casual dress code does not mean jogger pants in the professional world :) The new generation is overly used to their sneakers and loungewear and they are actually making this mistake! You shouldn`t look untidy as well as you shouldn`t wear a suit. For this occasion, wearing a chic blouse with pants or a pencil skirt is an excellent idea.

3) What to wear to a business interview?

For a business dress code, it is safe to keep your look basic and conservative. You might be a fashion addict but we suggest you keep this interest of yours for the weekends. :) Actually, it seems like the easiest dress code, however, you can make many mistakes. You should not look boring and also the outfit should look tailored for you. If your business looks a bit old and baggy for you, this would create a wrong first impression. Make sure your outfit is perfect for your size and go with the basics. Tailored pants or pencil skirt with a shirt and blazers makes an excellent choice. Also, a dress can be a good choice. But just be sure that it is structured and suitable for the office. Please, no floral dresses :).

4) What to wear to a job interview in the summer?

This is one of the trickiest occasions for job interviews. Normally if you are a long term employee it is normal to go to work with shorts or mini skirts. But when it comes to the first impression you should be aware to look as much professional as you can and not show to much skin. Also, you need to stay cool and sweat-free. So keep that in mind to choose garments from lightweight fabric and also considering light colors instead of dark shades will give your look a nice summery feel.

5) What colors should you wear to an interview?

The right colors are important in order to wear professional and confident. Navy, grey, and black are the top choices and also white for the shirts. Brown and other natural colors are accepted as not suitable for the first impression since they are not accepted as 'professional colors'. Also, bright colors such as red or yellow can be used for an interview if only you have applied for managerial positions. Otherwise, stick with the pale colors. If you still want to add color, light blue is a good option with it seems optimistic and professional at the same time.

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