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Who Are You Twinning With?

Twins! How would you feel if you had a twin? Ok, have you ever wished so bad you had a twin? Let's be honest, it's hard sometimes when we see people in twos whereas some of us came in ones. The feeling is even worse when they are identical and have funny things they do together. Feel each other's needs.- Their bad days, good times you name them. It's hard!

Again, imagine we all had a twin and are very identical. That would be a great thing because nobody would feel lonely... Perhaps... Life would be great. But to be honest, most of us don't know how it's actually like to be a twin, so let's say we are enjoying the cheap talk.

Even if we all had twin brothers and sisters, fun fact, the triplets, and quadruplets would still spoil the market for us. Just saying. They would get the attention.

Hence, we say life is spicy. Life is full of different kinds of people and that is what we are highlighting today. Twins- their fashion and style.

So without further ado, these are our cute Twins fashion of the week... let's go!

Nina & Julia Meise @meisetwins

Twins_db_official @twins_db_official

Gülcan & Sahinur Twins @thegstwins_papatya

Anto & Flo Twins @Anto & Flo Twins

Aren't they lovely? Yes! It's making some of us a little jealous...just a tiny bit. Or more.

In conclusion,

Even though most of us might not have a twin, most of us have siblings. If not, we have friends. So by the power vested in us- which isn't legal powers- we pronounce you and your friends/siblings our Fraternal twins.-Identicalness doesn't matter.

Hence the question we are asking is 'WHO ARE YOU TWINNING WITH?'

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Stay safe and have fun


Team Trendblog

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