• Fatima Ezahra

Wide pants: A simple way to make a statement

Spotted both on the catwalks and around them, the wide pants are making a comeback to the point of becoming THE trend to adopt.

Are wide pants becoming the new slim? This is the question one might ask in light of the latest looks spotted on the street. In tweed, flannel, leather, you can see it absolutely everywhere.

But the trends launched by fashion brands are not the only reason for this success. Fluid and loose, the wide pants have the merit of making everyone agree: it fits all kinds of figures.

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How do fashionistas wear it?

If some girls dare to wear wide pants in bright orange, most of the spotted ones are rather in sober colors such as black, gray, camel, or jeans. They are wearing it high-waisted, to avoid the baggy effect which compacts the silhouette, and relatively structured.

Straight, pleated, with a fitted length, it remains very sophisticated despite its relaxed vibe.

As a result, fashionistas don't hesitate to feminize it with smart pieces like a black blazer, pumps, or a silk blouse. Some, on the contrary, fully play the feminine-masculine card by wearing it with platform derbies and a big loose sweater for an effortless look.

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The different cuts of wide-leg pants for women:

Generally, the wide pants are loose with a high waist. However, it can adopt other cuts and are therefore suitable for all body types, as long as you choose the right one for you. The fluid pants for women are the ones that, currently, win all the votes.

With a high waist, it lengthens the legs, especially if worn with heels. In the wide pants department, we find palazzo pants, cut very loose below the waist in a fluid material that floats around the leg. When you are tall and with heels, it refines the silhouette nicely. Still in fluid materials, the culottes have also recently made a comeback in wardrobes. Below the knee and pleated, it is also flattering for a woman's allure, even if they aren't six feet tall.

We can also mention the carrot pants and baggy harem pants which tighten as they reach the ankle. Conversely, the boot cut flared pants and bell-bottom flare out from the knee. Depending on your morphology, choose the wide pants that will highlight your figure. Although it tends to conceal the curves, it is indeed particularly flattering and gives a sexy allure, especially when worn with heels and a blouse.

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Many looks in fluid pants

Thanks to all these cuts, the fluid pants for women allow all the looks. The harem pants have an unstoppable ethnic side while the denim boot cut gives a relaxed look. For a formal evening, palazzo pants would be ideal, especially if chosen in satin or silk.

For a day at the office, the pleated pantsuit can also be chosen loose in an elegant fabric or with discreet patterns.

For a chic and relaxed style, the flare and the carrot cut are also recommended, especially if you combine trendy accessories like scarves, sunglasses, a clutch ...

In summer, wide pants can also be worn at the beach under the sun rays, thus becoming a light alternative to the little summer dress. And when it shows a little skin, for example in 7/8 pants or with a split, it brings femininity and allure to your look. Whether in corduroy, wool, silk, satin, faux-leather ... wide pants are the perfect ally for everyday and evening outfits.

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