• Fatima Ezahra

your closet can bloom again!

For floral week, we are sharing with you today how to boost your wardrobe by adding a personal touch to the clothes in the back of your closet.

In the spirit of upcycling, sustainability and owning unique pieces that reflect your own style, we are introducing you to the subtle art of embroidery.

This fine needlework is making a comeback with flowers and plants at the forefront of the trend. On jeans, shirts, T-shirts, denim jackets, or even hats, floral embroidery can be found on all the pieces of our wardrobe. Embark on the journey of customizing all kinds of garments with easy flower embroidery.

Get the following materials to get started:

An embroidery hoop

A pair of scissors

Embroidery thread

A shirt, jeans, jacket, or any garment you wish to add life to

An embroidery needle

Textile pen

Draw the flower (s) with a textile pen.

Want a specific flower pattern? No problem, you can easily transfer the pattern to your fabric.

Place the embroidery hoop on the garment at the location of the design. The fabric must be pulled tight for the embroidery to be precise.

Take 2 strands of the embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.

To embroider a daisy:

Embroider the center of the flower in a satin stitch. Wedge the thread at the back of the embroidery.

Embroider the petals of the flower in the launched stitch;

To embroider a flower with colored petals:

Begin by embroidering the outline of the flower in an encroaching satin stitch;

Fill the petals in the same way;

Then embroider the leaves:

Embroider the leaf with an edge stitch

For inspiration, diana_vingert is one of our favorite accounts to follow. Her flower designs are elegant, harmonious, minimalist, and easy to realize. She will definitely help you connect to your artsy side with her delicacy.


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