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Your Fashion New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions. Something almost everybody makes but not everybody sees it through to the end.

It depends on what we find important. What we see ahead of us and how we want them to come to life. Like we know, not everybody sticks to their resolutions past a month or two. For others, not even past the second week of January. It takes more discipline and hard work to make our resolutions come alive.

It's a little funny how we carry forward the things we failed to achieve in the past year to the New Year and still manage to fail again. It's part of life and that not going to stop us from making our Resolutions again for the next Year. Only more effort is needed to execute our lists.

Bringing it down, we ask "Do you ever add the changing of your looks to your New Year's resolution lists?"

Hmm, since certain change needs a lot of strength else we suffer a relapse, as silly as it can be- imagine we all asked for support from above, this is how some of us would probably be going about it;

"Dear God, Zeus, whoever is up there listening, I really want to have a conversation with you. It's a big conversation for me… And No, I don’t want to ask so much from you today, only a tiny request. That's all I want to do. So you see I managed to enter 2021 and for sure, flipping through my 2020 pictures, I feel my Fashion life was terrible.- The pictures weren't even quality enough and I'm using an iPhone. Can you believe that?

I don't know about you but I think I'll need some synonyms to express how best I want to look this year...so hold on and let me get my dictionary.

Ok! This year, I want to look like a Boss, glamorous, stunning, elegant, exquisite and arresting. Don't get me wrong with the arresting, I'm not asking for the cops- I meant to say, this year has to be my year. let it reflect in my work, in my family, and even on my looks. I want to be eye-catching, striking, noticeable- Aint nothing wrong with that. In fact, If I'm going to be stopped by the police, let it be the fashion police.

Staying on my fashion life, God, Zeus- whoever is still listening...


Did you'll see how Sincerlyjules rocked her Sweatsuits back in 2020? I mean Its sweats! And she accessories it amazingly. It's simple yet fancy__Now I'm wondering why I didn't think about dressing like that when I went to meet Paul. Don't ask about paul. That's not the conversation of the day. let's just focus on Jules, who has Sincerely captured my heart. Hmm... I guess now we know why I've been looking all plain from high school till now.

Indeed! Little things make a


That giant necklace she wore is creative. It's SMART. Nobody has time for thin-shy necklaces- that's going to be hiding inside our sweats.

It's a bold statement and I love it.

I thought I was done drooling over the sweatsuit and necklace till I saw her Loungewear. Shocks!.. That hat is so beautiful and matching. I like the color of the sweater, shorts, the style altogether. Everything is Fabulous.

I think it's a little funny they call the hat "Goldfinger ". I guess I will know how it feels to be a James Bond when I get one for myself. Oh Yeah!

I must say Sincerely Jules's styles are breathtaking and there's a lot to learn from her. At last, I can boldly say my lookbooks are finally going to take a new turn.


Continuing oh Lord,

I want to say that If I... I mean I, could scout-the-city looking like Scoutthecity, ... Mmm!... I know I will get a date. I tell you!

Nobody would take me for granted.- Cause I'm a Star. I would be that Diva all my colleagues want to copy. Jokes aside.

Also, do you even see how colorful this outfit is? Plus the shoes? Mmm! That's simply classic.

I want that!

I think my clothes currently need an Emergency Evacuation. Resuscitation.--Lord Use the EKG if you have to. I just want my closet to come back Alive.

I can't get over the second outfit too.

I tell you... If Wonderwoman was real, this is how she would look. Talk of the glasses, the coat, the shoes... Yes! - That's a goal!

Anyway, I think I've said enough for today so this is where I'm going to end our conversation.

But these ladies are fine. And I'm still going crazy over their sense of style. I want to be as cute as them. Even better.

Thank you for making it happen. Amen and Amen."

In short;

As funny as it seems, all we are saying is, don't neglect your appearance. It's part of you. Yes, some old things have to change. Hence aim to look fly. After making your New Year's Resolutions, add the Ideal makeover-look you want for the year. Chip it in there somewhere and don't forget to work at it.

Have you already made your New Year's Resolutions? Did you add your Ideal look for the year? How have you started with it?

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Have a lovely week. Stay Fly and Safe.


Team Trendblog.

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