• Meghan Miller

Zara Beauty Is Coming!

Mark your calendars! Fashion powerhouse Zara is launching their first-ever beauty line on May 12th. The massive collection is set to include 100+ products in collaboration with makeup legend Diane Kendal. Zara Beauty is expected to include lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes, bronzers, and more in a whopping 130+ shades. The best part? All products in the launch are cruelty-free and some items are even refillable due to their eco-chic glass containers.

While a large focus of the launch is on the sustainability of the products, it is also about inclusivity. With the wide range of shades and colors and the product line's serious affordability (prices ranging from $8 to $26 and refills for the products coming in at $5), Kendal's goal was to have the makeup line accessible to all, no matter their gender, age, skin color, or personal style.

"No one beauty, but beauties"

-Diane Kendal

Now about the products. There will be six lip products included in the launch: Ultimatte Matte Lipstick, Cult Satin Lipstick, Tinted Balm Lipstick, Stiletto Demi-Matte Lipstick, Nourishing Jelly Oil, and the Velvet Pigment Lip Gloss.

For eyes, four products are being produced: Eye Colour in 6 Eyeshadow Palette (in 5 colors), Eye Colour in 2 Eyeshadow Duo (in nine duos), Metal Foil Loose Pigment (in four shades), and one eyeliner.

To finish off the cosmetics, there will also be three face palettes, nine bronzers, two highlighters, and six brushes to help bring those beauty visions to life.

Finally, the campaign will launch a sweeping 39 nail polishes that are made with natural ingredients but still have the normal wear time of traditional polishes.

With such a huge campaign being launched at one time, Zara hired nine world-renowned photographers to make their vision come to life, with each photographer in charge of a separate campaign area. And the results were nothing short of absolutely stunning.

All Photos Courtesy of Zara Beauty

Zara beauty will launch online and at select locations on Wednesday, May 12th.