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Zendaya - Young and Empowered Fashion

Actress and Singer Zendaya started your career really young being part of Disney's discovery on "Shake it Up"serie, the new MJ and the star from "Euphoria" that led her to become the youngest winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Since your first appearance on TV Zendaya established many fashion moments and nowadays is not different, so today we gonna enlighten her most iconic fashion moments.

Casually Gorgeous

Mixing Tailoring elements with casual t-shirts and street style references Zendaya become an inspirational icon for the new generation of fashionistas.

Always playing with her hair on different style never forgetting to pay tribute to her origins, what brings a positive vision for young girls.

For also being a dancer Zendaya never forgets to include some comfortable pieces to her looks and thats how everything looks casual and elegant.

Red Carpet

From a sexy and extravaganza look to a feminine and ludic Zendaya knows exactly how to play with her image as a good actress she needs to impersonate many characteristics and this is shown on her red carpets outfits.

The make-up also is a highlight point for Zendaya that always looks fresh and natural skin with touches of colours on the eyeshadows.

Even when she is using sober tones the design she chooses is elaborate and add good structure to her natural beauty.

Fashion Icon

Even when Zendaya is featured in a magazine her personality is incorporated and that's how you can see she is a Fashion Icon.

The use of pieces that are not common in daily life is the best tool to elevate the style like Zendaya.

A glamorous and sexy woman but still with the fresh air of a young star without the pretension to force any image, these would be the elements I could describe her Style.

Which of these fashion moments is your favorite? Leave your comment here and how about sharing a look inspired by Zendaya on your Trendblog profile? You don't have it? No problem! Here is the link so you can be part of the Trendblog community!

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